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Reinsurers with richer supply curves more likely to hit targets: Tremor

24th January 2023

Reinsurance pricing and placing platform provider Tremor Technologies has reported a strong correlation between the likelihood of a successful allocation and the number of points in a reinsurer’s supply curve. Reinsurers who provide richer supply curves are therefore more likely to achieve their target lines, Tremor suggests, particularly at time where ... Read the full article

Tremor claims half of capacity authorised within one day

9th December 2022

The online reinsurance pricing and placing platform Tremor Technologies says that half of participating reinsurers authorise capacity within a day, with full program capacity received in fewer than three days. Sean Bourgeois, CEO of Tremor, said: “Tremor’s market design enables efficient pricing and allocation of reinsurance programs competitively. Many 1/1 programs ... Read the full article

Tremor launches Reinsurer Product Council with eight members

11th October 2022

Platform company Tremor Technologies has launched its Reinsurer Product Council with its first cohort of eight global reinsurance companies and ILS funds participating representing nearly $100bn in industry capital. The firm said in a statement that participating companies include a cross section of major US, Bermudian and European reinsurers as well ... Read the full article

Tremor develops Sandbox marketplace to demo transactions

21st September 2022

Reinsurance pricing and placing platform provider Tremor Technologies has announced the launch of a fully featured Sandbox version of its marketplace where mock transactions can be conducted as a buyer or seller of reinsurance protection. Tremor Sandbox is designed to enable users to practice and try out specific platform features and ... Read the full article

Tremor releases cloud-based system for buying and selling retro coverage

2nd March 2022

Tremor Technologies has released RetroOS, which it calls ‘a cloud-based operating system for reinsurers buying and selling retro coverage’. In a statement, the company said that the 125 reinsurers that it does business with can now buy or sell UNL, parametric, or blended retro coverage directly through the platform. Tremor Technologies ... Read the full article

Tremor sees $175m premium transacted in 2021, marketplace revenue swells 400%

14th December 2021

Leading online reinsurance pricing and placing platform Tremor transacted $175 million of premium in 2021 and achieved marketplace revenue growth of over 400% year over year. Tremor has seen over $275 million of reinsurance premium transacted on its marketplace since 2018. While the market has continued to harden overall and traditional reinsurance ... Read the full article

Tremor releases Fetch for following capacity markets

3rd December 2021

Tremor Technologies, a reinsurance pricing and placing platform, has released Tremor FetchTM, a tool which allows reinsurers to authorise following capacity and automatically receive their line at the cedent’s chosen clearing price. Reinsurers that choose to use FetchTM can note their minimum price and also the maximum share they would be ... Read the full article

Tremor unveils real-time capacity viewing feature

9th November 2021

Reinsurance pricing and placing platform, Tremor Technologies, has released Tremor X-Ray™, a feature which provides insurance companies with real-time views of where capacity is coming from for their reinsurance programs. Through Tremor's latest feature, insurers can now filter by partner group, A.M. Best rating and more to see how supply flows ... Read the full article

Tremor launches real time reinsurance placement solution

26th October 2021

Reinsurance pricing and placing platform provider Tremor Technologies has announced a new solution designed for ceded reinsurance teams working across multiple locations. Tremor Blackboard represents a modern collaborative solution capable of plugging directly into the company's established and well-known marketplace with no additional software. The solution allows a ceded reinsurance team to ... Read the full article

Tremor targets improved trading experience with Marketplace 2.0

19th October 2021

Tremor Technologies, Inc., the online reinsurance pricing and placing platform, has announced the release of a new version of its marketplace, in addition to a revamped logo and branding. Tremor Marketplace 2.0 is designed to provide users with greater interactivity and a more intuitive user interface, boasting features such as a ... Read the full article

Over two-thirds of Lloyd’s capacity now accessible via Tremor

21st September 2021

Over two thirds of Lloyd’s capacity is now available via the online re/insurance pricing and placing platform Tremor Technologies, a figure equating to $33 billion. Tremor says 33 Lloyd’s Syndicates representing over 70% of its Managing Agents have entered into agreements to offer coverage directly on its marketplace. The Syndicates are described ... Read the full article

Tremor hits $500bn reinsurance capital milestone

8th September 2021

Programmatic re/insurance risk transfer marketplace Tremor surpassed $500 billion in reinsurance capital this month after signing its 115th reinsurer to its marketplace. Tremor says that it now provides insurance companies with direct access to more than 95% of the world’s reinsurance capacity across traditional reinsurers, Lloyd’s syndicates and ILS funds. In addition, ... Read the full article

Tremor launches Panorama Surveyor feature for reinsurance buyers

24th August 2021

Programmatic re/insurance risk transfer marketplace, Tremor Technologies, has launched a new feature for reinsurance buyers that allows for the exploration of pricing for different structures and perils in advance of making a purchase. The feature, called Panorama Surveyor, has already been used to complete two major reinsurance placements totalling more than ... Read the full article

Tremor’s growth exceeds expectations as all major brokers adopt platform

22nd July 2021

Expansive programmatic re/insurance risk transfer marketplace, Tremor, has now secured agreements with eight major reinsurance brokers representing more than 95% of global placements. Since the introduction of its next generation trading platform, Panorama™ in February, Tremor's growth has exceeded expectations. In June, Tremor reported that insurers leveraging its platform sought ... Read the full article

Root “impressed” with efficiency of Tremor reinsurance placement

25th June 2021

Isaac Espinoza, Vice President of Reinsurance at auto and property tech-driven insurer Root, has said he was “impressed” by the efficiency of the Tremor Technologies trading platform, through which it successfully placed its June property cat reinsurance program. Speaking to Reinsurance News, Tremor CEO and Founder Sean Bourgeois noted that Root ... Read the full article