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Reinsurance industry advertising & sponsorship options

Reinsurance News Media PackBy positioning your brand with Reinsurance News you can access our growing global readership of reinsurance, specialty & commercial insurance industry participants, including both buyers and sellers of protection, brokers, service providers, investors, regulatory or political parties, and other interested stakeholders.
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Read about our options for Website Advertising or Email Advertising; our audience Demographics & Data; and also see how we rank against others in our Competitive Intelligence data on the relevant publishing sector.

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Our digital platform can help you raise the profile of your brand, attract new customers, as well as gain direct responses to meet specific campaign targets.

reinsurance-news-readership-reach-usersWork with Reinsurance News to access new clients, partners and investors, or just associate yourselves with a fast-growing industry focused media platform, to expand your brand awareness across the industry.

Banner adverts are available in a range of sizes, both on the website and our daily email briefings, and can be booked for as little as one month, or as long as one year.

As of the end of March 2022 more than 220,000 users (Google Analytics) visited our website to read our reinsurance news and reinsurance industry analysis each month. This chart shows our fast-growing global readership since January 2018 and that we are continuing to expand our audience reach.

Advertising costs vary depending on size of banner and duration of booking. Prices from as low as UK£500 per month.

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Website advertising

Our website is the hub of Reinsurance News, with a growing readership consisting of more than 220,000 individual reinsurance, specialty & commercial insurance industry professionals and interested parties from around the globe each month (as of March 2022).

In less than two years the new Reinsurance News website has become the most widely read reinsurance focused publication in the world and we’re still growing fast. We offer a range of levels of promotion for your brand and messaging.

Example banner sizes and positions can be seen below:

Reinsurance News website screenshot

New website banner positions for 2022:

We have a new 728 x 90 leaderboard position on our homepage, in-line with the content and directly below the main headline news (see below).


Targeted web banners: We also have a new in-content banner position available, which sits within the main article text (see below). This banner can be targeted contextually, at specific content categories. So for example if you only want your advertising to be visible in articles and interviews related to insurtech, risk modelling, energy insurance, casualty lines, or another vertical within re/insurance, we can now do that. Alternatively you can see your advertising banner visible in every single article, if you prefer.


Other sizes and positions are available across the website, including a 350X90 half-leaderboard banner in the header, with prices across the website that range from as little as UK£500 per month.

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Email advertising

Our emails are delivered to over 18,500 reinsurance, insurance, risk professionals, service providers and buyers every working day of the week and in a Friday afternoon recap, resulting in over 450,000 emails delivered to our subscribers every single month. We offer a range of levels of promotion for your brand and messaging.

Example banner sizes and positions for our daily reinsurance emails can be seen below:

Reinsurance industry advertising & sponsorship options

Prices range from as little as UK£500 per month.

Email alerts advertising:

We send out email alerts to our full list of subscribers for important articles and news that breaks during the week, resulting in another between 4 and 10 emails sent per-week.

We have two premium leaderboard positions in our email alerts, one at the top and one lower down, which you can see below.


Prices for our premium email alert leaderboard banners start at UK £1,500 per month.

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Demographics and data

The Reinsurance News daily email briefing is delivered to over 18,500 active subscribers every day (as of March 2022) and growing, resulting in over 450,000 emails delivered every month.

The emails have a very high, industry leading engagement rate, with more than 30% of recipients opening and engaging with our emails every single day (according to Campaign Monitor statistics).

Our website has fast become the leading reinsurance news platform in just over one year (and we’re still growing fast), with an audience of more than 220,000 readers every single month being attracted directly and through our social media channels (over 70,000 people follow us on Linkedin alone!).

Readers come from over 180 countries around the world, making our reinsurance news audience truly global. Leading the way are the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Bermuda, Switzerland, Singapore, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Sweden and Russia.

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The reinsurance news publishing landscape

Transparency is important to us, as are our relationships with partners and the industry in general.

We strive to provide relevant and timely news, analysis and insight on the reinsurance, specialty & commercial insurance marketplace, with a no-nonsense approach and no desire to have our names in lights (the industry itself is the star for us).

We aim to provide value and deliver a useful service to the industry, while cultivating the largest, most focused and relevant possible audience for our advertisers and sponsors to tap into.

To that end, we offer the below for a view of how our global and still growing fast readership ranks versus other sector publications. This data is from a third-party source called SimilarWeb, which is considered the best available comparison tool for online reach. Important to remember that any paywall reduces productive page views considerably, as typically over 50% of quoted visits are from non-subscribers.

In the table below, it’s important to remember that in the Global Ranking, which indicates reach of a web property, the lower the number the better. In the traffic estimate column, the higher the number the better.

You can visit SimilarWeb and compare website audience and reach yourself. While the figures below are far from exact, being estimates, they are generally proportionally accurate and provide a good approximation for how popular a website is, with the caveat that any paywalls could reduce these figures by 50% or more to represent true engagement. We’re more than happy to discuss this in greater detail with interested parties.


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