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A series of interviews with prominent reinsurance industry executives, discussing the state of the global reinsurance market, opportunities for growth in reinsurance, disruptive factors and the influence of technology on risk transfer and reinsurance.

APAC insurance market insights from Swiss Re’s Daisy Ning

23rd November 2023

In a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Daisy Ning, Head of Life & Health Re APAC excluding China at Swiss Re, provided valuable insights into the insurance landscapes of various Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets. Singapore: Steady Growth and Changing Consumer Awareness "Singapore is an interesting market. So, it's been on this steady growth, ... Read the full article

Cedents & reinsurers better prepared for Jan 2024 renewals: Aspen’s Hough

21st November 2023

According to Philip Hough, Global Head of Property Reinsurance and Head of EMEA & LATAM, Aspen, there was a calmness to the meetings at Baden-Baden this year ahead of 1:1, after "the chaos and uncertainty around capacity last year." "Capacity is available across all lines of business and both cedents and ... Read the full article

Trust in digitalisation key for re/insurers to make the most of latest tech: Swiss Re

20th November 2023

During a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Moses Ojeisekhoba, CEO, Global Clients & Solutions, Swiss Re, suggested that building trust in digitalisation is key for re/insurers to make the most of the latest technology, which will in turn assist in closing the protection gap. “Even the most promising technologies need the ... Read the full article

Climate risk prompts Beazley’s proactive approach in property market: Matt Westhoff

15th November 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Matt Westhoff, Head of North American Commercial Property at Beazley, outlined the company's robust strategy to navigate the complex landscape of climate change and its implications on the re/insurance market. Addressing the uncertainties of climate change, Westhoff underscored Beazley's commitment to a forward-looking model, emphasising ... Read the full article

Swiss Re’s Daisy Ning addresses widening health insurance protection gap in APAC

10th November 2023

In a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Daisy Ning, Head of Life and Health, APAC (excluding China) at Swiss Re, shared her insights on the growing health insurance protection gap in the region. Ning began by emphasising Swiss Re's pioneering role in addressing the protection gap, stating, "Actually, we are the ... Read the full article

Continued momentum in property, but casualty a cloud of uncertainty: Swiss Re’s Ningen

6th November 2023

As the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry meets at the 2023 annual APCIA conference, we spoke with Monica Ningen, CEO of P&C Reinsurance US at Swiss Re, about the state of the market and what to expect heading into 2024. “From a property standpoint, we have a pretty orderly market,” ... Read the full article

Many SMEs are being left with a gap in coverage for cyber insurance: Cowbell’s Cooksley 

3rd November 2023

With the insurability gap within the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market continuing to grow as cyber attacks and the digitisation of work processes increase, one key issue that surrounds this, is that the cyber insurance products offered do not always match up with the financial losses that businesses may ... Read the full article

AI presents opportunities and challenges to the cyber insurance space: Cowbell’s Cooksley 

31st October 2023

As AI technology continues to make headwinds across the re/insurance sector, Trent Cooksley, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cowbell Cyber, explains that the technology brings both opportunities and challenges to the cyber insurance space. During a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Cooksley stated that challenge-wise, threat actors are increasingly using ... Read the full article

Asia faces mounting nat cat losses and resilience challenges: Swiss Re’s Victor Kuk

27th October 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Victor Kuk, Head of Property & Casualty Reinsurance SID at Swiss Re, highlighted the escalating crisis of natural catastrophes in Asia. Kuk pointed out that over 30% of the global nat cat events in 2022 occurred in Asia, causing staggering economic losses. He emphasised that ... Read the full article

Greater demand for re/insurance across Asia is not going away: Peak Re CEO Hahn

26th October 2023

Across property and casualty (P&C) and life and health (L&H) markets in Asia, demand for insurance and reinsurance protection is rising, and this trend is expected to persist against a backdrop of climate change and inflationary challenges, according to Franz-Josef Hahn, CEO of Hong Kong reinsurer, Peak Re. “The demand for ... Read the full article

Evolving risk landscape increasing demand for reinsurance in Europe: Swiss Re’s Steinmann

25th October 2023

Speaking with Reinsurance News amid the Baden-Baden 2023 conference, Swiss Re's Thorsten Steinmann suggested the main focus of discussions with clients ahead of the Jan renewals will be around the evolving risk landscape, which he said has driven more demand for reinsurance in Europe, alongside the cost of capital. When asked ... Read the full article

We are not yet at the new normal: Artur Klinger, Everest

25th October 2023

As demand for catastrophe reinsurance continues to outpace supply, further market hardening is expected, and against a backdrop of an uncertain inflationary environment, it will take time before the industry knows what the new normal is, according to Artur Klinger, Head of International Reinsurance, Everest. With the reinsurance industry meeting in ... Read the full article

We’ve matured and now understand client needs in much more detail: Envelop Risk CEO

25th October 2023

Since its official launch in 2018, cyber re/insurance underwriting firm, Envelop Risk, has matured and grown alongside an increasingly sophisticated cyber re/insurance market. As such, it is now able to better understand the needs of its clients, according to Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jonathan Spry. As the global insurance ... Read the full article

Deploying tools for climate risk management is where the industry faces a huge gap: RMS

24th October 2023

Reinsurance News recently spoke to Joss Matthewman, Senior Director, Product Management & Strategy, RMS, about what he believes the re/insurance industry needs to do to try and combat the effects of climate change. He highlighted how this topic is particularly important, because, as physical risks change as the climate changes, the ... Read the full article

The outlook is positive, but it’s not yet time to celebrate: Peak Re CEO Hahn

24th October 2023

Hong Kong domiciled reinsurer Peak Re recently reported an impressive set of half-year results, and while the outlook for the future is positive, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Franz-Josef Hahn isn’t celebrating just yet. After efforts to rebalance its portfolio to capitalise on hard market opportunities, Peak Re announced record profits ... Read the full article