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A series of interviews with prominent reinsurance industry executives, discussing the state of the global reinsurance market, opportunities for growth in reinsurance, disruptive factors and the influence of technology on risk transfer and reinsurance.

Microinsurance, a great opportunity for re/insurers to diversify their portfolio: Katharine Pulvermacher

16th March 2023

Interest in microinsurance is growing as governments and businesses are recognising the need for these products mainly after Covid-19 and climate related catastrophes, this situation has created a great opportunity for re/insurers to diversify their risk portfolios, said Katharine Pulvermacher, executive director of the Microinsurance Network. In an interview with Reinsurance ... Read the full article

There’s a lot to take away from the outcome of Jan 1 renewals: Britten, PwC Bermuda

8th March 2023

The Bermuda insurance and reinsurance marketplace weathered the impacts of multiple heavy loss years, the global pandemic, and the more recent rise in interest rates and inflation extremely well, despite the acute and far-reaching effects, according to Matt Britten, Partner in the PwC Bermuda Insurance and Reinsurance practice, and Risk ... Read the full article

A strong market, but important pricing holds long-term: Wightman, PwC Bermuda

6th March 2023

In an interview with our sister publication as part of the Artemis Live series of video interviews, Arthur Wightman, territory leader for PwC Bermuda, discussed what he describes as one of the hardest reinsurance markets. "The reinsurance industry across the main domains that operate here in Bermuda are doing well," said ... Read the full article

The insurance industry is not making fast enough progress on AI, Accelerant’s Wentworth

1st March 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Heather Wentworth, Chief Data Officer at Accelerant, has suggested that the insurance industry as a whole is not “making enough progress” to get the data needed to successfully use artificial intelligence (AI) technology — which she argues will be transformative for the ecosystem. AI and ... Read the full article

Our journey with clients is all about meeting them where they are: Resilience’s Bryant

15th February 2023

In an Interview with Reinsurance News, Kyle Bryant, Chief Underwriting Officer at cyber risk solutions firm, Resilience, discussed the implications of a lack of reinsurance appetite for cyber risk, alongside how the firm is handling the current challenges in the market. When answering a question regarding the challenges that a lack ... Read the full article

2022’s reprieve from ransomware attacks only temporary, says Resilience’s Bryant

9th February 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Kyle Bryant, Chief Underwriting Officer at cyber risk solutions firm, Resilience, suggested that 2022's reprieve from ransomware attacks is only temporary. The first question we posed to Bryant was what are the most important lessons of 2022 regarding cybersecurity, to which he answered, "2022 was ... Read the full article

Great opportunity for property CAT investment amid “perfect storm”: Carson K2 CAT

31st January 2023

A “perfect storm” has created a hard market for property treaty business, the best underwriting conditions in the last 30 years. The higher rates stemming from a challenging economic environment have made this a great time for investors to enter the market, said David Carson, head underwriter at MGA K2 ... Read the full article

Industry should “absolutely” move to less model dependency, says Amwins’ Bernacki

24th January 2023

Given the continued ‘model miss’ of the recent catastrophes, Mark Bernacki, Chief Underwriting Officer of Amwins, has suggested that the industry should “absolutely” move to less model dependency. In his interview with Reinsurance News, Bernacki gave a definitive “yes”, when asked whether it was time to move on, citing the increased ... Read the full article

There’s reasons to be upbeat & positive on the MGA space, says Amwins’ Bernacki

17th January 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Mark Bernacki, Chief Underwriting Officer of Amwins, suggested that he remains very upbeat and positive on the MGA/MGU world despite assessing that valuation expectations will trend down in 2023. Bernacki noted that the downward trend will be driven by a variety of factors. First noting ... Read the full article

Spring Insure is ready for growth after a transformational year: CEO Tristan Sargeaunt

12th January 2023

After a transformational 2022, expect to see more of MGA Spring Insure in the months ahead as the company targets greater broker engagement and more distribution activity to support growth, according to its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tristan Sargeaunt. Since its launch in November 2020, specialist financial and professional lines MGA, ... Read the full article

Cyber may be the most “underwrite-able line of business”: Ladeau, Trium Cyber

5th January 2023

In an interview with Reinsurance News, Josh Ladeau, Chief Executive Officer of Trium Cyber, syndicate 1322, explains what differentiates the firm from other underwriters of cyber risk. After gaining approval in November of last year, Trium Cyber is the first Lloyd’s-approved service company to provide coverage for US-domiciled cyber risks, ... Read the full article

Renewals mark return to reinsurers driving primary behaviour: Gallagher Re’s Vickers

4th January 2023

The recent January 1 renewals period marked a return to a historical market dynamic in which reinsurers are the drivers of behaviour in the primary markets, James Vickers of Gallagher Re has asserted. Speaking to Reinsurance News alongside the release of Gallagher Re’s 1st View report, Vickers explained that reinsurers “are ... Read the full article

A complicated and challenging 2023 for reinsurers: SiriusPoint’s Chester

4th January 2023

Reinsurers are to face a complicated and challenging 2023 with increasing uncertainty, warned Ari Chester, SiriusPoint’s Head of US and Canada Reinsurance, in an interview with Reinsurance News. According to Chester, while reinsurance supply remains very competitive, dynamics are shifting, like in the property markets. Additionally, he noted, with the prospect ... Read the full article

Jan 1st reinsurance renewal season is an “epiphany”, says SiriusPoint’s Ari Chester

23rd December 2022

With the upcoming 1/1 reinsurance renewals looming closer, SiriusPoint’s Head of US and Canada Reinsurance, Ari Chester, spoke to Reinsurance News about the renewal season and the firm's outlook. “This renewal season is an epiphany, a sudden awareness that insurance balance sheets need to be compensated for property volatility. And it’s ... Read the full article

Cat tops the list of risks that cedents should be keeping in mind for 2023: Johansmeyer, PCS

19th December 2022

Verisk Insurance Solutions’ Head of PCS, Tom Johansmeyer, spoke with Reinsurance News about the types of risks that cedents should be keeping front of mind for 2023. “Cat is obviously top of the list, with a particular focus on Florida. That’s because, much as armies prepare to fight their last war ... Read the full article