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A series of interviews with prominent reinsurance industry executives, discussing the state of the global reinsurance market, opportunities for growth in reinsurance, disruptive factors and the influence of technology on risk transfer and reinsurance.

Data key to effective captive insurer formation: David Gibbons, PwC Bermuda

31st May 2023

The most important thing about setting up new captive insurance structures is access to data, according to David Gibbons of PwC Bermuda. Gibbons is a Partner and the Captive Insurance Leader at PwC Bermuda, working with some of the largest captive accounts in the world and delivering captive ... Read the full article

Global minimum tax rules are topic number one: Scott Slater, PwC Bermuda

26th May 2023

The introduction of rules to enforce a global minimum tax rate for large enterprises, which will include many insurance and reinsurance firms, is the highest priority topic for most tax leaders, according to Scott Slater of PwC Bermuda. Scott Slater is a a Partner and the Tax Services ... Read the full article

Increase in nat cat driving the demand for parametric insurance: Swiss Re CorSo’s Cole Mayer

23rd May 2023

With the industry witnessing an increase in frequency and severity of nat cat events throughout the last several years, and some of them even going on to become some of the costliest events ever recorded, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Senior Structurer North America, Cole Mayer, suggests that this is one ... Read the full article

Demand for parametric re/insurance is on the rise: Floodbase’s Lacovara

18th May 2023

Demand for parametric insurance is on the rise as more people have started to recognise that these solutions can provide protection for things and events that could not be covered by indemnity insurance, said Peter Lacovara, Head of Commercial at Floodbase, in a recent interview with Reinsurance News. In the last ... Read the full article

How new regulations affect the re/insurance market will be a big theme going forwards: Spring’s Thomas

4th May 2023

In the past few years, governments, and businesses all over the world have been preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, which likely put a number of regulatory/legal changes on hold. As these new regulations now start to come into effect, the re/insurance industry will slowly start to see what ... Read the full article

Rational re/insurance pricing key to mitigating flood risk, says Fathom’s Dr Sampson

4th May 2023

“If the re/insurance market prices flood risk rationally, it will increase pressure for wider rational behaviour, which in the long term will encourage decisions that properly account for the underlying risks,” suggests Dr Chris Sampson, co-founder and CTO of flood and climate risk intelligence provider Fathom. Sampson’s comments stem from an ... Read the full article

We really need to understand what cyber insurance is: Matt Harrison, Moody’s RMS interview

3rd May 2023

As the cyber insurance and reinsurance market continues to develop and expand, with the risk also growing in popularity within the insurance-linked securities (ILS) space, Matt Harrison, Director of Product Management for Cyber at Moody’s RMS, highlights the importance of understanding exactly what cyber insurance is. Read the full article

A repricing of nat cats will depend on both short & near-term results: Swiss Re CorSo’s Nusslein

28th April 2023

With the re/insurance industry having faced two of the costliest events on record within the last year, through both hurricane Ian and the recent earthquakes that struck Turkey, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Head Innovative Risk Solutions Americas, Bob Nusslein, explained in an interview with Reinsurance News about how the global ... Read the full article

Second-gen cyber modelling offers vital visibility for risk transfer market: DeNexus’ Seara

21st April 2023

Cyber risk modeller DeNexus' CEO José Seara said Lloyd's of London must balance protecting its business while recognising the importance of second-generation cyber modelling in providing necessary risk visibility for effective risk transfer. Lloyd’s of London, the 330-year-old institution, has responded to the growing cyber risk landscape by clamping down on ... Read the full article

After an impressive two decades, we’d like the growth to continue: Fortegra CEO, Kahlbaugh

20th April 2023

During his 20-year tenure with specialty insurer Fortegra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rick Kahlbaugh’s leadership has seen the company expand into a multi-line carrier with annual premiums in the billions of dollars, supported by a willing and able team dedicated to generating profitable underwriting for shareholders. Kahlbaugh, who also serves as ... Read the full article

For re/insurers, climate change extends beyond weather impacts: Philip Hough, Aspen Re

12th April 2023

Driven in part by the rise in losses from what is being defined in the industry as secondary perils, insurers and reinsurers are increasingly confronted with the physical impacts of climate change. However, the challenges are more than just concerning the weather, according to Philip Hough, Global Head of Property ... Read the full article

After years of one step forward one step back, we seem to have got there: Shea, Gallagher Re

5th April 2023

As the underlying return on equity (ROE) surpasses the reinsurance industry’s cost of capital for the first time in a decade, it gives a sense of direction of the way forward and the level of profitability the sector has now reached, according to Brian Shea, Global Head of Strategic & ... Read the full article

Reinsurers are more involved in the creation of MGAs becoming insurers’ risk capital partners: Pro MGA Global Solutions’ Maleary

30th March 2023

There has been a significant increase in reinsurers' appetite wanting to specialise in reinsuring insurer’s delegated authority portfolios. With both parties aligning their interests they have now effectively become one risk capital partner, a change that Pro MGA Global Solutions (Pro MGS) CEO, Danny Maleary, has seen starting to develop ... Read the full article

The market needed a reset to attract critical support of capital providers: Hough, Aspen Re

28th March 2023

The last few months of last year were a turning point for the reinsurance market, as the need to reset pricing and achieve more sustainable long-term rate adequacy intensified, leading to probably the most distressed market that Philip Hough of Aspen Re has ever experienced. Hough has been the Global Head ... Read the full article

Chat GPT & AI a growing concern for cyber insurance: Corvus’ Hedberg

24th March 2023

With the capabilities of Chat GPT and artificial intelligence (AI) continuing to advance, this technology is only going to get smarter and potentially more difficult to control as it can be used to facilitate security breaches and increase the scale of cyber-attacks, states Peter Hedberg, Vice President of Cyber Underwriting ... Read the full article