Significant insurance industry losses, events & data

Major insurance and reinsurance industry loss events

Here we document major industry loss events that have affected the insurance and reinsurance market in recent years, with data on the latest insured loss estimates for catastrophe and man-made disasters that we have collated from a range of sources.

Listing the major natural catastrophe and man-made disaster loss events, this directory provides a simple way to analyse the impacts of major events that result in significant claims for the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Our news articles on major catastrophe and man-made losses can be found over on this archive page.

Loss nameMonth/year of lossIndustry lossEconomic loss (where available)Natural or man-made loss?Notes
Turkey and Syria earthquakesFeb-23$5 billion+$25 billion+Nat CatIn 2023 dollars
Cyclone GabrielleJan/Feb-23$700 million$8 billionNat CatIn 2023 dollars
Hurricane IanSep-22$50 billion - $65 billion$115 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
Hurricane FionaSep-22$590 million$2.9 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
Pakistan floodsJun/Oct-22$100 million$15 billion Nat CatIn 2022 dollars
European storms Petra and QiaraJun-22$2.1 billion$2.6 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
Southern China floodsJun-22$300 million$5 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
U.S. derechoMay-22$2.2 billion$2.7 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
Honshu, Japan earthquakeMar-22$2.8 billion$8.5 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
European windstorms Dudley (Ylenia) and Eunice (Zeynep)Feb-22$4.3 billion$5.9 billionNat CatIn 2022 dollars
Eastern Australia floodsFeb/Mar-22$4 billion$6.8 billion Nat CatIn 2022 dollars
Hurricane IdaAug-21$30 billion- $44 billionNat CatIn 2021 dollars
Low pressure system BerndJul-21~$13 billion~$54 billionNat CatIn 2021 dollars
South Africa riotsJul-21$600 million - $1 billionMan-madeIn 2021 dollars
Henan, China floodsJun-21$1.7 billion$16.5 billionNat CatIn 2021 dollars
Winter storm UriFeb-21$15 billion- $20 billion Nat CatIn 2021 dollars
Fukushima, Japan earthquakeFeb-21$2.63 billionNat CatIn 2021 dollars
Hurricane ZetaOct-20$3 billion - $5 billionNat CatIn 2020 dollars
Onshore losses only
Hurricane DeltaOct-20$3 billion - $5 billionNat CatIn 2020 dollars
Including NFIP losses
Hurricane SallySep-20$2 billion - $3.5 billionNat CatIn 2020 dollars
Including NFIP losses
Hurricane LauraAug-20$9 billion - $13 billionNat CatIn 2020 dollars
Onshore losses only
Hurricane IsaiasJul-20$3 billion - $5 billionNat CatIn 2020 dollars
Typhoon HagibisOct-19$7 billion - $16 billionNat CatEstimate range based on modelled projections of loss.
Typhoon FaxaiSep-19$5 billion - $9 billionNat Cat
Hurricane DorianSep-19$4 billion - $8.5 billionNat Cat
Hurricane BarryJul-19$500 millionNat CatIncluding NFIP losses
European severe storm & hailJun-19$800 million$1 billionNat Cat
U.S. convective weather (hail, tornado, winds)May-19$2.5 billion$3.3 billionNat Cat
European windstorm EberhardMar-19$1.02 billion - $1.7 billionNat Cat
U.S. severe storm & floodMar-19$800 million$3 billionNat Cat
U.S. & Canada convective storm & tornadoesFeb-19$1.1 billion$1.6 billionNat Cat
Townsville floods, Queensland, AustraliaFeb-19$900 million$2 billionNat Cat
Camp wildfireNov-18$12.5 billion$16.5 billionNat CatCause tbc, possibly man-made
Woolsey wildfireNov-18$4.5 billion$5.8 billionNat CatCause tbc, possibly man-made
Hurricane MichaelOct-18$11 billion$25 billionNat Cat
Lurssen shipyard fire (Germany)Oct-18$700 millionMan-made
Typhoon JebiSep-18~$15 billion$20 billionNat Cat
Typhoon TramiSep-18$3 billion$4.5 billionNat Cat
Hurricane FlorenceSep-18$5.5 billion$24 billionNat Cat(ex-NFIP, ~$7bn inc. NFIP)
Typhoon Mangkhut (Philippines, HK, China)Sep-18$1.5 billion$6 billionNat Cat
Japanese extreme rainfall & floodsJul-18$2.7 billion$10 billionNat Cat
Colorado hail & convective weatherJun-18$1.8 billion$2.3 billionNat Cat
Osaka, Japan earthquakeJun-18$1 billion$7 billionNat Cat
U.S. convective weather (hail, tornado, winds)May-18$2 billionNat Cat
Ituango dam loss, ColombiaMay-18$1.2 billion - $1.8 billionMan-madeLatest estimate based on market sources
U.S. & Canada winter & convective weatherApr-18$1.1 billion$1.4 billionNat Cat
U.S. winter stormMar-18$1.6 billion$2.2 billionNat Cat
U.S. convective weather (hail, tornado, winds)Mar-18$1.6 billion$2 billionNat Cat
Hela Province, Papua New Guinea earthquakeFeb-18$290 million$530 millionNat CatIn 2018 dollars
European windstorm FriederikeJan-18$2.1 billion$2.8 billionNat Cat
European windstorm BurglindJan-18$900 million$1.2 billionNat Cat
Thomas wildfireDec-17$1.8 billionNat CatSouthern California Edison's power lines deemed an ignition source.
Iran–Iraq border earthquakeNov-17$10 million$800 millionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Tubbs wildfireOct-17$8.5 billionNat CatDeemed ignited by private electrical system. No liability for utilities.
Atlas wildfireOct-17$2.7 billionNat CatCause tbc, possibly man-made
Hurricane IrmaSep-17$32 billion$67 billionNat Cat
Hurricane MariaSep-17$30 billion$63 billionNat Cat
Mexico earthquakeSep-17$2 billion$6 billionNat Cat
Hurricane HarveyAug-17$30 billion$85 billionNat Cat
Typhoon Hato (China, Hong Kong, Vietnam)Aug-17$1.1 billionNat Cat
Petya / NotPetya cyber attackJun-17$3 billion - $3.3 billionMan-made
Minnesota hailstormJun-17$1.6 billionNat Cat
U.S. convective weather (hail, tornado, winds)Jun-17$1.1 billionNat Cat
Denver, CO hail stormMay-17$2.5 billion$3.1 billionNat Cat
Frost (Europe)Apr-17$1 billionNat Cat
Cyclone Debbie (Australia)Mar-17$1.3 billionNat Cat
U.S. convective weather (hail, tornado, winds)Feb-17$1.4 billionNat Cat
Earthquake in Kaikoura, New ZealandNov-16$1.7 billion - $2.4 billionNat CatMw 7.8
Hurricane MatthewOct-16$4 billion$4.8 billionNat Cat
Convective weather, flooding in Louisiana, U.S Aug-16$3.1 billionNat Cat
Convective weather in Colorado / Wyoming, U.SJul-16$1.1 billionNat Cat
Storms Elvira and FriederikeJun-16$2.8 billionNat CatGermany, France
Fort McMurray wildfiresJun-16$2.7 billion$7.4 billionNat CatAlberta, CA
Convective weather, flash floods in Western U.S Apr-16$1.1 billionNat Cat
Kumamoto earthquakes, JapanApr-16$6 billionNat Cat
Flash flood, river flood in Houston, U.S Apr-16$1 billionNat Cat
Hailstorm in San Antonio, TXApr-16$2.9 billionNat Cat
Jubilee oil field FPSO turrett damage and shutdownMar-16$1.7 billionMan-madeLatest estimate based on market sources
Hailstorm, thunderstorms in North TexasMar-16$1.6 billionNat Cat
Floods in UK, IrelandDec-15$1 billionNat CatCaused by Storms Eva and Frank
Port of Tianjin, China explosionsAug-15$2.5 billion to $3.5 billionMan-made
Typhoon GoniAug-15$1.1 billionNat CatJapan, Philippines, North Korea
Convective weather, flash floodsApr-15$1.2 billionNat Cat
Convective weather, severe flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, U.SMay-15$1.4 billionNat Cat
Winter Storm NiklasMar-15$1 billionNat CatGermany, Netherlands, et. al.
Convective weather in Northeastern U.SFeb-15$2 billionNat Cat
Hurricane OdileSep-14$1.7 billionNat CatMexico
Wind and hailstorm EllaJun-14$2.1 billionNat CatFrance, Germany, Belgium
U.S thunderstorms, large hail, tornadoesJun-14$1.2 billionNat Cat
U.S thunderstorms, large hailMay-14$2.9 billionNat Cat
U.S thunderstorms, large hail, 83 tornadoes, flash floods Apr-14$1.2 billionNat Cat
U.S severe storms, large hail, tornadoes Apr-14$1 billionNat Cat
Snow stormFeb-14$2.5 billionNat CatJapan
U.S winter stormJan-14$1.6 billionNat Cat
Windstorm XaverDec-13$1 billionNat CatUK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
Typhoon Haiyan, storm surgeNov-13$1.4 billionNat CatPhilippines, Vietnam, China, Palau
Windstorm Christian (St Jude)Oct-13$1.4 billionNat CatGermany, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Belgium
Typhoon FitowSep-13$1.1 billionNat CatChina, Japan
HailstormsJul-13$3.8 billionNat CatGermany, France
FloodsJun-13$4.1 billionNat CatGermany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia
U.S severe thunderstorms, tornadoes (EF5 tornado in Moore, OK)May-13$1.3 billionNat Cat
Winter storm, ice, tornadoes, heavy rainsApr-13$1.2 billionNat Cat
U.S thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailMar-13$1.6 billionNat Cat
Hurricane SandyOct-12$31 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Hurricane IsaacAug-12$1.6 billionNat CatU.S, et al
Drought in the Corn BeltJul-12$11 billionNat CatU.S
Thunderstorms, large hail, tornadoesJun-12$1 billionNat CatU.S
U.S Derecho storm with tornadoes, hailJun-12$2 billionNat CatWinds up to 146 km/h
Earthquakes, italyMay-12$1.6 billionNat Cat(MW 5.9 and MW 5.7), aftershocks
Thunderstorms, hail, tornadoesMay-12$1.7 billionNat CatU.S
Thunderstorms, large hail, tornadoesApr-12$2.5 billionNat CatU.S
Severe storms, tornadoesMar-12$2.5 billionNat CatU.S
Typhoon RokeSep-11$1.2 billionNat CatJapan
Hurricane Irene, torrential rainfall, extensive floodingAug-11$5.3 billionNat CatU.S
Thailand floodingJul-11$16 billionNat CatIn 2016 dollars
Storms, hail, tornadoes, floodsJun-11$1.3 billionNat CatStorm winds up to 113 km/h
EarthquakesJun-11$2 billionNat CatMW 5.2 and MW 6.0
Severe storms, tornadoesMay-11$7 billionNat CatU.S
Thunderstorm, tornadoes, hailApr-11$1.5 billionNat CatThunderstorm winds up to 275 km/h
Storms, tornadoesApr-11$1.4 billionNat CatStorm winds up to 260 km/h, >240 tornadoes
U.S thunderstorms, hail, tornadoesApr-11$2 billionNat CatThunderstorm winds up to 210 km/h
Severe storms, tornadoesApr-11$7.3 billionNat CatU.S
Earthquake & tsunami in Tohoku, JapanMar-11$38.2 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Tropical Cyclone Yasi, Australia Feb-11$1.3 billionNat CatWinds up to 240 km/h
Canterbury, NZ earthquakesFeb-11$17 billionNat CatIn 2016 dollars
Floods caused by heavy rainsJan-11$2.2 billionNat CatAustralia
Groundhog Day Blizzard winter storm, heavy snowfallJan-11$1 billionNat CatU.S
Hurricane IkeSep-08$23 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Hurricane KatrinaAug-05$82 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Hurricane IvanSep-04$16.4 billionNat CatIn 2016 dollars
Hurricane CharleyAug-04$9 billionNat CatIn 2008 dollars
September 11th terror attacks in U.S.Sep-01$26 billionMan-madeIn 2017 dollars
Northridge, California earthquakeJan-94$25 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Hurricane AndrewAug-92$27.8 billionNat CatIn 2017 dollars
Typhoon Mireille, JapanSep-91$9 billionNat CatIn 2008 dollars
Piper Alpha oil platform explosionJul-88$1.8 billionMan-madeIn 2013 dollars

This data is taken from a range of freely available sources, including industry reports from major insurance and reinsurance firms, risk modelling company estimates, and our own insurance and reinsurance market sources. All data is listed in US dollars unless specified as another currency.