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Arch launches proactive cyber insurance solution, Arch CyPro

13th September 2023 - Author: Kane Wells

Arch Insurance has announced the launch of Arch CyPro, a “pioneering cyber insurance solution designed to proactively safeguard businesses in an environment of rapidly evolving cyber threats.”

ArchAccording to the firm, Arch CyPro is powered by the Arch Cyber Risk Engineering Team (ACRE), a specialist cyber team integrated into every stage of the underwriting process.

Marilyn Marshall, Executive Vice President, Professional Liability and Cyber at Arch Insurance, commented, “Arch CyPro is our solution for the dynamic and ever-growing threats of cyber risks.

“With a strong financial foundation and a reputation for consistent underwriting excellence, we aim to redefine what brokers and policyholders can expect from a cyber insurance policy.

“Our dedicated claims experts and customizable policies available in all 50 states position us as a front-runner in this space. But what sets Arch CyPro apart is our solution-first mindset and emphasis on proactive risk management.”

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Jamie Schibuk, Executive Vice President, Professional Liability and Cyber, added, “We’ve also aligned with strategic cybersecurity risk management service partners to assist in the implementation of critical controls for our policyholders to enhance their cyber security maturity.”

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