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Blink partners with Terrawind to expand parametric flight disruption platform

15th March 2021 - Author: Luke Gallin

Blink Parametric, an Irish InsurTech firm, has opted to expand its flight disruption insurance platform in Central & Latin America via a new partnership with one of the leading travel assistance providers across the regions, Terrawind Global Protection.

AirportThe new collaboration will deliver a bespoke flight disruption travel solution to clients, whether travelling for business or leisure.

This tailor-made, innovative parametric insurance solution for travellers will be delivered by Terrawind, which serves millions of customers worldwide each year. Additionally, Blink will offer flight disruption support to Terrawind policyholders wherever they are travelling in the world.

Paul Prendergast, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of Blink, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Terrawind Global Protection, a trusted and truly innovative company in a region that is hugely exciting for us. We were tasked by Terrawind to deliver a seamless, superior customer service experience for their clients and the result is a real-time service that provides options and alleviates stress when customers need it most.

“At a critical time when the travel industry begins to recover and we see the increasing movement of people worldwide, Terrawind’s assistance services will play an important role in restoring confidence to the travelling public and we are proud to play our part in that effort.”

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Blink’s data-driven travel disruption product monitors flights in real-time once a traveller registers the information. If a flight is delayed or cancelled the traveller is automatically notified in real-time, which Blink says results in real-time problem resolution.

Under the partnership, Terrawind’s registered customers are offered choices that remove the stress and consequences of the delay. This includes airport lounge access if a flight is delayed by three hours or more, or a cash payout per traveller, which is immediately deposited into their Paypal account.

Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Terrawind, said: “This is another key element in our ongoing strategy to continually add value to our client services. 2021 is a year for optimism and for recovery. By adding Blink’s flight disruption solution to our product offering, we’re affirming our confidence in the return of global travel and investing in world-class innovation to enhance the travel assistance experience for our clients.

“We are proud to serve a diverse client base across 15 Central and South American countries, the USA and the Caribbean and as they travel the world for business or leisure, we intend to be with them every step of the way.”

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