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Brokerslink CEO Jacqueline Legrand resigns

7th December 2018 - Author: Staff Writer

The Chief Executive Officer of Brokerslink, Jacqueline Legrand, has announced her resignation from the role in order to take on a new professional opportunity and reunite with her family, the company has said.

Jacqueline LegrandLegrand was first involved with Brokerslink in 2009 when she held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Brokerslink, Americas while serving as Managing Director for International Business at Crystal & Company in New York.

She then joined MDS group in 2012 with the responsibility of Brokerslink Regional Director Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“We would like to thank Jacqueline for the extraordinary work she has accomplished in 2018 to establish Brokerslink’s vision, redefine our business model, realign the team, and launch our execution plan,” said Grégory Allard, Chairman of Brokerslink.

“The innovative platforms and offerings she developed with her team will be instrumental for Brokerslink growth.”

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José Manuel Fonseca, whom Legrand replaced as CEO in February 2018, and is the next Chairman of Brokerslink, will ensure the company’s transition after Legrand’s leaves.

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