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Cape Analytics announces AI-driven wildfire risk solution

5th April 2019 - Author: Staff Writer

Cape Analytics, a re/insurance data analytics provider, has announced an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven solution that allows home insurance carriers to systematically assess wildfire vulnerability for properties across the US.

The defensible space solution, complementary to leading wildfire risk models and scoring tools, leverages AI and geospatial imagery to provide detailed information on vegetation clearance and fuel load within the home ignition zone

“Delivering a unique, location-specific understanding of fuel loads around a property precipitates the next leap in understanding wildfire risk and defensible space at the most granular level,” said Kevin Van Leer, Client Solutions Manager at Cape Analytics.

California laws and the NFPA both require defensible space in areas prone to wildfire, but property inspections are challenging to enforce at scale.

Cape Analytics believes this new solution can offer information crucial to those on the frontlines, from insurers to homeowners to wildfire response teams.

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“Cape Analytics is building on the industry’s recent technological strides in response to major events, such as explicit ember transport in catastrophe models as well as updated hazard scores. The suite of wildfire tools now available better address traditional underwriting, rating, and portfolio management.”

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