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Chubb and SentinelOne partner to enhance cybersecurity for U.S. businesses

27th September 2023 - Author: Akankshita Mukhopadhyay

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering cybersecurity practices for American businesses, Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property & casualty insurance company, has embarked on a collaboration with SentinelOne, a renowned leader in the field of cybersecurity.

ChubbThis partnership marks a significant step forward in cyber risk management for Chubb’s policyholders, particularly those generating over $100 million in revenue.

Under the first phase of this groundbreaking collaboration, Chubb’s cyber insurance policyholders in this revenue bracket gain the capability to securely share their enterprise’s “health assessment or security posture” data with Chubb via SentinelOne’s advanced endpoint protection and automated incident response solutions.

This includes the utilisation of SentinelOne’s innovative WatchTower Vital Signs Report app, which communicates a precise profile of a policyholder’s cybersecurity posture and controls directly to Chubb.

This invaluable exchange of information serves to streamline the underwriting processes, ultimately benefiting both policyholders and their agents.

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The advantages for policyholders are manifold, with potential incentives for policy pricing, simplified policy renewals, and augmented visibility into cyber threat protection through SentinelOne’s cutting-edge solutions.

Furthermore, these policyholders may also be eligible for discounted subscriptions to SentinelOne’s suite of cybersecurity solutions, thereby fortifying their systems and safeguarding their data.

This collaboration between Chubb and SentinelOne couldn’t come at a more critical time, as the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve in terms of sophistication and destructive potential.

With businesses increasingly recognising the imperative need to bolster their defenses and enhance their overall resilience, this partnership offers a timely and comprehensive solution.

Craig Guiliano, Vice President of Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence at Chubb, emphasises the significance of this integration, stating, “The incorporation of SentinelOne’s endpoint protection and incident response gives Chubb policyholders streamlined and potentially discounted access to a full suite of integrated cyber risk management solutions. Policyholders will be empowered to defend faster, at a greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface. The other major benefit to the policyholder is the comprehensive view of an enterprise’s cybersecurity health for improved policy accessibility.”

Eran Ashkenazi, Chief Customer Officer at SentinelOne, echoes this sentiment, asserting, “SentinelOne is proud to collaborate with Chubb to put the power of cybersecurity technology in the hands of their policyholders and help them take informed action to protect their business from potentially devastating threats today and tomorrow.”

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