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dClimate acquires Oasis Hub to expand climate change datasets

21st September 2022 - Author: Kane Wells

dClimate has announced it has acquired Oasis Hub, a leading global data platform and aggregator for catastrophe, extreme weather, climate change and environmental risk data.

dClimate states that the acquisition of Oasis Hub enables it to bring thousands of environmental and climate datasets, tools, and models on-chain as part of its growing ledger of climate information.

Osho Jha, Founding Partner, dClimate, commented on the acquisition, stating, “Adding Oasis Hub’s data, products, and tools to our global climate information ecosystem opens up incredible new possibilities for builders and researchers creating resilience applications in the dClimate ecosystem.”

“Our mandate at dClimate is to bring critical information about our planet out from behind silos and paywalls and into a single, decentralized climate data network that makes it easy for builders to leverage data to build critical infrastructure and products for fighting climate change.”

In addition to acquiring Oasis Hub’s data infrastructure, dClimate notes that it also gains access to its global data community of over 1500+ members from a range of sectors, including insurance, finance, engineering, and development.

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Jha added, “dClimate users now will now have access to thousands of specialized datasets and models to better understand how our planet is changing and build life-changing tools to help communities build lasting resilience.”

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