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FWD Group partners with dacadoo amidst mobile app launch

18th August 2022 - Author: Kane Wells

FWD Group Holdings Limed (FWD) has partnered with Swiss insurtech dacadoo to launch the new mobile app, omne.

handshake-close-up-photoomne is a well-being app designed to help people celebrate living through tools that foster micro-habits and achieve daily goals.

The self-described easy-to-use app provides a suite of activities and content such as music, mini-games, sketching, health, wellbeing, and a vast array of engaging features that are personalised to an individual’s preferences and interests.

omne intends to expand its capabilities to offer self-service functions for FWD Insurance customers in the coming weeks and months.

Peter Ohnemus, President, and CEO, dacadoo, stated, “As a strategic health-tech provider for Life & Health insurance, we are pleased to partner with FWD and become a key part of this unique platform ecosystem in Asia, where FWD insurance innovates with customer-centric digital value propositions.”

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“omne’s engagement features including dacadoo’s health scoring technology will change people’s views on insurance and how they interact with it going forward.”

Troy Barnes, Group Chief Transformation Officer, commented, “A critical part of how we’re changing the way people feel about insurance is reimagining how we bring value to, and anticipate, the evolving demands of Asia’s ever more digital and mobile population.”

“omne brings a new dimension to how people achieve their personal goals, with an engaging experience that creates micro-habits from the convenience of their mobile device.”

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