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Generali Spain & Santias announce strategic healthcare partnership

12th October 2022 - Author: Jack Willard

Generali Spain and Sanitas have signed a strategic agreement to provide to the more than 150,000 customers insured under Generali Spain’s health policies, as well as new customers, access to an extended health insurance offer.

Generali logoThe agreement will come into effect on January 1, 2023 and will last for ten years.

Through the agreement, Sanitas, will offer Generali’s customers a medical directory with 51,000 professionals, 240 contracted hospitals and 4,100 contracted medical centres, as well as its own network that includes four hospitals, twenty multi-specialty medical centres and sixteen wellness centres.

At the same time, under this agreement, Generali will continue to market its own health offerings through its network of mediators as it has done to date. Generali’s customers will also benefit from access to the highest standards of health management with Sanitas as well as new digital advantages in the field of care, with improved video consultation services, and in the procedures associated with the provision of medical and hospital services such as reimbursements, authorisation or medical reports.

The agreement was signed in Madrid by Santiago Villa, Regional Officer International – Mediterranean & Latin America and CEO of Generali Spain, and Iñaki Peralta, Sanitas’s CEO and Bupa Europe & LatinAmerica.

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In addition, the agreement will also allow the two companies to collaborate to generate synergies and improve the customer experience with personalised services that respond to their needs.

Villa, said “The agreement with Sanitas will enable us to reinforce our commitment to our customers by giving them access to and assistance from one of the best healthcare networks in the world. It also represents a value-added offer for our brokers, who will be able to offer health insurance throughout Spain thanks to the breadth of Sanitas’ network of health professionals and hospitals.”

Peralta, added: “The alliance between Generali and a specialist health company like Sanitas guarantees the best quality care and access to the most innovative digital tools to more citizens. This agreement brings more accurate, personalized and preventive medicine, in other words, more human medicine, to all Generali customers.”

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