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JBA launches high-resolution Florida flood maps

23rd October 2018 - Author: Charlie Wood

JBA Risk Management, the global flood risk modeller, has announced the launch of its new high-resolution state-wide flood map for Florida, part of a wider rollout for the continental U.S.

JBA Managing Director of JBA Matt Reid stated that the flood map provides “a comprehensive understanding of all three principal types of flood, fluvial (river), pluvial (rainfall) and storm surge flood hazard, across the state at a resolution of 5m.”

“In addition, the associated pricing data translates the flood maps into an easy-to-use tool for insurers to calculate an annualized cost of flooding at any location in the state.”

JBA cites a recent surge in development throughout the state as one of the primary drivers in launching the maps; as more housing, bigger roads, landscaping and engineering all impact the flood risk.

Furthermore, JBA have collaborated with hurricane, wind and storm surge experts Applied Research Associates, to produce the coastal surge inundation portions of the flood maps.

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“As communities clear up from the flooding caused by Hurricane Michael, the need for better understanding of flood risk in the state is more apparent than ever”, added Reid.

“The JBA maps not only use the most up-to-date terrain data available, but we have made over 100,000 edits to that data to ensure it appropriately represents the terrain over which flooding will develop.”

The Florida Flood Maps are available directly from JBA or through selected partners and resellers.

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