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K2 announces acquisition of insurtech Loss Run Pro

1st April 2021 - Author: Staff Writer

K2 Insurance Services has announced its acquisition of Montana-based insurtech Loss Run Pro (LRP).

K2-insurance-servicesLRP was founded in early 2020 by Reghan Brandt and focuses on harnessing technology to solve issues across the insurance placement process.

K2 considers this a quality acquisition offering growth opportunities throughout the US.

Regarding the effectiveness of LRP technology and broader approach, K2’s President Mark Smith said, “After seeing demos of countless ‘Insurtech’ tools, Loss Run Pro is the best I have seen because it uses technology to solve meaningful issues of the insurance placement process and simplifies that process for all parties.”

“K2’s CEO Robert Kimmel echoed this sentiment, noting, “As CEO of K2, I am always looking for innovative technologies and solutions that can improve our customers’ experience; LRP was a logical fit for the specialty market.”

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Brenden Corr is the Senior Director of Business Development for LRP and will work closely with Brandt to expand and build relationships with carriers and brokers, both nationally and internationally.

“Robert Kimmel and the entire management team of K2 is dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking. They have believed in LRP from our first demo and add significant depth to our company. The rocket ship is just taking off, “ she said.

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