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SCOR calls on reinsurers to back COVID-19 vaccine

16th February 2021 - Author: Katie Baker

Global re/insurer SCOR has made a call for re/insurers to help convey the broad health benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

SCORThe reinsurer says it has already helped to dissect the misconceptions and questions that surround the vaccination fears, and has stressed the importance of the vaccine roll-out in building towards a herd immunity scenario.

SCOR acknowledged fears that the vaccine was rushed into, but explained both the adenovirus and the Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccination delivery methods have been studied and tested on humans for years prior to the pandemic.

Another fear is the risks in which the vaccine may pose, but SCOR does not believe this should be a concern as both the mRNA and adenovirus vaccines enable the human body to fight COVID-19 without risking the introduction of the actual virus itself.

Another common concern among those wary about getting the vaccine are the potential side effects, however in the clinical trials, the side effects of the vaccine were similar in nature to those experienced by trial patients receiving a placebo injection.

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SCOR has expressed the importance of how everybody will need to be vaccinated even if they’re not considered at risk, such as young adults and people in good health, as the sad reality is that thousands aged 25-44 have already died.

The reinsurer believes that receiving the vaccine is an act for the greater good and is a civic responsibility to get the vaccine to protect everyone, not just ourselves.

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