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Sompo Int. hires Haney for two exec agri roles

7th December 2020 - Author: Katie Baker

Sompo International has appointed Robert Haney as Executive Chairman of AgriSompo and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AgriSompo North America.

Sompo InternationalHaney will be reporting to Christopher Sparro, CEO, US Insurance for Sompo International.

His appointment illustrates Sompo International’s investment in and commitment to the crop insurance market in the US and around the world.

AgriSompo North America will be comprised of Diversified Crop Insurance Services, which Sompo is in the process of acquiring, and ARMtech.

Haney has 40 years of experience, as he began his career at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) before joining Rain and Hail.

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At Rain and Hail he spent 30 years growing and leading the company before retiring as Chairman in 2015.

John Charman, Executive Chairman of Sompo International Holdings, and CEO of Sompo Holdings Overseas Insurance and Reinsurance Business, commented: “We are delighted to have Bob join us as we continue to strategically invest in and grow our AgriSompo global platform.

“Bob has been a pioneer in shaping the U.S. crop industry over the last several decades, making his passion for farming, sustainability and innovation unparalleled in the industry.

“It is his absolute dedication and passion to continuously improve all aspects of the U.S. Crop business that brought Mr. Haney out of retirement to run this ground-breaking operation for Sompo International. We are very much looking forward to bringing his leadership and guidance into Sompo as we revolutionise this industry.”

Sparro said: “Having Bob join the company to run our crop insurance program is extremely exciting and we are very proud to have him join our management leadership team.

“Bob is an inspiring leader who has a strong vision for the future of crop insurance and will be instrumental in creating a unique organisation that is second to none. It will be a privilege to work with Bob as we redefine what is possible for farmers, ranchers, employees, agents and partners.”

Haney added: “I am very pleased to join AgriSompo and Sompo International during this notable time of change in the company and in the crop insurance industry. I believe in the long-term strategic vision for growing the company’s business and am extremely committed to establishing the premier, global leader in the crop insurance industry.

“I am honoured to help AgriSompo realise that vision and am confident that together, we will become the premier crop insurance business in the market.”

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