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Swiss Re lobbies against tighter immigration rules

17th July 2020 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Swiss Re Chief Executive Christian Mumenthaler has stated that Switzerland’s re/insurance industry is opposed to tighter immigration proposals in the country.

Speaking with Handelszeitung, Mumenthaler said restrictive immigration measures would be antithetical to the industry’s global outlook.

Switzerland is set to vote later this year on a set of measures that could end freedom of movement between the country and the European Union.

Critics say such a move could drive a wedge between Switzerland and the EU.

“The limitation initiative goes against everything we stand for,” Mumenthaler told Handelszeitung. “We are strictly against this initiative.”

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The Swiss Trade Association has also spoken out against new immigration rules, arguing that they could result in a shortage of skilled workers and potential issues for companies with cross-border operations.

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