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TransRe strengthens North America Property Treaty team

11th April 2018 - Author: Matt Sheehan

TransRe has appointed Ben Hodge as leader of its North America Property Treaty team, and named John Fugit as a team underwriter.

TransRe logoHodge joined TransRe in 2014 and is currently Vice President of the North America Property Treaty team at the company’s Bermuda office, where he will remain as he continues to support TransRe’s core property strategies for Florida and Regional books of business in his new role.

He brings over 14 years’ experience in the reinsurance and capital markets to his new leadership position, having served as a broker and underwriter to many different organisations.

Fugit’s appointment will see him transfer to underwriting from risk management, and he will assume responsibilities for executing and managing TransRe’s Property Flood business strategies.

Previously, he has spent four years supporting the retrocession and risk financing programmes at TransRe Capital Partners, and has also worked as a broker in financial advisory, investment banking, and rating agency analytics.

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