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Tremor releases Fetch for following capacity markets

3rd December 2021 - Author: Katie Baker

Tremor Technologies, a reinsurance pricing and placing platform, has released Tremor FetchTM, a tool which allows reinsurers to authorise following capacity and automatically receive their line at the cedent’s chosen clearing price.

Reinsurers that choose to use FetchTM can note their minimum price and also the maximum share they would be willing to receive if they so choose.

Along with a suite of authorisation subjectivities, Tremor offers nearly 120 participating reinsurers precise capacity authorisation capabilities in a secure, online environment.

Sean Bourgeois, Tremor Founder & CEO commented: “2021 has been an amazing year for Tremor both from a product adoption perspective and for the development of our product itself.

“Launching four major releases after deploying Panorama in February has been exciting to see and members of the Tremor marketplace really appreciate the continual addition of new capabilities to improve their buying and selling experience – in fact, many of our latest features have been developed in close partnership with insurers and reinsurers.”

AmericanAg - Global Reinsurance Solutions

Fetch is a helpful tool for the smaller reinsurance capital providers, or those that would typically follow a leads price. But in this case they can follow the market’s consensus pricing, which could be a far more powerful opportunity.

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