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Zurich adds Belinda Bates as Senior Climate Change Risk Consultant

11th June 2020 - Author: Staff Writer

Global insurer Zurich has appointed Belinda Bates as Senior Risk Consultant Climate Change in Commercial Insurance.

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In her new role in Bates will be working with Amar Rahman, Global Natural Hazards Practice Leader, as well as the Underwriting teams, to further develop and deploy Zurich’s Climate Change Resilience Services.

Prior to joining Zurich, she was a Consultant in financial risk management at EY.

James Shea, CEO Commercial Insurance, said, “Risk management tools that can help businesses quantify the impact of climate change are high in demand, as climate change-related risks have increased in frequency and severity.

“Businesses recognize the need for a comprehensive resilience approach that considers the changing environments in which they operate, and which helps them prepare for potential future challenges.”

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Through the Climate Change Resilience Services, Zurich’s risk engineers provide businesses with the advice, tools and insights they need to identify, assess, mitigate and adapt to current and future climate change risks.

This involves identifying high-risk locations under climate change scenarios and site-level assessment of natural hazard protection mechanisms, developing loss estimates, and proposing physical and organizational risk mitigation strategies.

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