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Allianz partners with insurtech firm Wrisk to digitalise UK auto products

27th June 2019 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Allianz Partners has announced a new partnership with UK-based insurtech firm Wrisk that will help to digitalise the products offered by Allianz Automotive, the business line that focuses on the needs of car manufacturer’s customers.

carsThe objective of the partnership is to jointly offer new automotive insurance products on Wrisk’s mobile platform, which will be delivered to car manufacturers at point of sale.

Allianz and Wrisk will initially focus on the UK market, with an aim to further scale the mobile solutions in future.

“The partnership will be a catalyser for digitalisation and simplicity,” said Stephan Ruby, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz Automotive.

“For Allianz Automotive, partnering with an InsurTech like Wrisk gives a tremendous opportunity to offer customer-centric solutions in a transparent and simple way, which is in line with the overall Allianz strategy,” he continued.

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Niall Barton, CEO and Co-Founder of Wrisk, also commented: “We’re big believers in the insurance industry’s potential for innovation. Working with Allianz Automotive has been really rewarding thanks to their agility and commitment to deliver radically improved solutions for customers.

“This is a prime example of Wrisk’s strategy to develop collaborations with global insurers who have particular dominance in vertical sectors, where together we can unlock new opportunities for them and their B2B2C partners through a mobile-first, connected customer experience.”

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