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Artex rebrands its cell facility solutions globally

20th November 2023 - Author: Kassandra Jimenez-Sanchez

Artex, a global cell facility manager and captive, alternative risk transfer, and ILS capital solutions specialist service provider, has announced it is renaming its cell facility solutions globally to Artex Axcell over the next several months.

This rebrand, according to the announcement, aims to bring more efficiency and higher levels of service to clients seeking an alternative risk solution that demands less time, investment and resources.

Cell facilities can be used for a variety of purposes including to gain greater re/insurance and capital market access, provide flexibility in coverage, fill gaps in commercial policies, create new revenue streams, as an alternative to an owned captive and as a captive exit strategy.

It is worth noting that the renaming does not mean that Artex is renaming the corporate structures that are used to issue transactions in their protected or segregated cells.

Peter Mullen, Global CEO, Artex, commented: “The creation of Artex Axcell is the result of a rationalisation effort that will be phased across jurisdictions and will drive a consistent global approach,”

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“The new cell facility name is designed to highlight our best-in-class offering and build upon the strength and reputation of the Artex brand to entities across the US, Cayman, Bermuda and Guernsey.”

The new name, Artex Axcell, derives from the words ‘accelerate’ and ‘cell’, the firm explained, and it represents a united, global approach for its clients.

“For organisations looking to lower total cost of risk and take more control than the traditional insurance market affords, Artex Axcell creatively brings a more efficient risk transfer vehicle with a lower investment of time, money and resources,” the firm noted.

Adding: “For capital market investors seeking a transformer structure, Artex Axcell is the market leader to advise, facilitate and execute these transactions quickly and effectively.”

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