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CyberCube teams up with Kroll on event response service

31st May 2022 - Author: Pete Carvill

CyberCube has launched a new feature for its customers called Cyber Aggregation Event Response Service (CAERS).

cybercube-logoCAERS will see CyberCube partnering with Kroll to provide its clients with information and guidance on major cyber aggregation events.

Following a major cyber event, the CAERS team will update CyberCube’s clients with the latest information while CyberCube’s SaaS products, including Broker Manager, Account Manager, and Portfolio Manager, will assist with a response to any unfolding cyber catastrophe.

Darren Thomson, head of cyber intelligence services at CyberCube, said: “With cyber events becoming increasingly common, the speed and accuracy with which organisations respond to them is critical. That’s why we’ve launched this response service, specifically tailored to CyberCube’s growing client base.”

He added: “The pressure on our clients during a major cyberattack can be extreme. With CAERS, our team—comprising data scientists, actuaries, engineers, economists and cyber security experts—will become an extension of our clients’ teams, providing the updates they need and sharing both our expertise and data.”

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This latest news comes a few days after CyberCube said it was updating its Portfolio Manager software to keep pace with cyber trends. The firm also announced throughout April and May partnerships with Majesco, Ultimate Risk Solutions, and Cooper Gay.

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