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June hailstorm in Texas drives insured losses of over $1 billion: KCC

16th June 2023 - Author: Kane Wells

Catastrophe modeller Karen Clark & Company (KCC) has estimated that the June hailstorm in Texas has caused insured losses of over $1 billion.

“From June 10th to 13th, a stationary frontal boundary from Texas to Georgia divided a warm, humid air mass over Texas from a cooler, drier one across the Central Plains and Midwest, a boundary normally positioned farther north,” KCC explains.

Converging air at this boundary sparked thunderstorms, fueled by an unstable environment of hot, humid air.

KCC suggests that these storms were stronger than average due to intense instability, producing larger updrafts that penetrated the atmosphere, allowing large hail to grow.

At the time, an array of local media reports noted that the hailstorm event struck metro areas in Texas, causing a vast amount of property and vehicle damage.

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KCC continued, “The intense updrafts suspended hailstones for longer than weaker updrafts could have done, despite their size.

“The boundary’s stationary nature supported multiple severe storms in the same location over consecutive days.”

KCC notes that Dallas faced daily large hail impacts, as baseball to softball-sized hail was common. Indeed, a hailstone in Mansfield, Texas, nearly broke state records at 5.23 inches in diameter.

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