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Liberty Mutual partners with Ford on connected vehicle insurance

2nd March 2020 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Liberty Mutual Insurance has partnered with Ford to offer potential insurance discounts for customers driving Ford connected vehicles.

This new agreement is part of Liberty Mutual’s broader Mobility initiative, and will enable the evaluation of a customer’s driving behaviour through FordPass Connect, thereby eliminating the need for a plug-in device.

“Liberty is committed to deep partnerships across mobility partners including many OEMs to support their customers’ insurance needs of today and in the future,” said Kara Shipulski, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Group.

“At Liberty Mutual, we are always looking to provide innovative, new solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ evolving insurance needs,” added Nicholas Grant, Vice President and Manager, Product Technology Solutions, at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“We’re excited to extend our work with Ford to leverage its leading connected car platform to bring this technology to more drivers and put our customers in the driver’s seat of their own insurance experience.”

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Liberty Mutual’s telematics programs are designed to help customers save on auto insurance based on their driving habits.

With connected vehicles, the company believes it will be able to further streamline the insurance evaluation process and offer customised pricing.

“Connected vehicles have the potential to deliver great benefits to Ford customers, including the ability to help lower their car insurance premiums,” said Kari Novatney, COO FordPass.

“Liberty Mutual’s program is an excellent example of what connected vehicles can offer, and using data to help people save money is another way Ford is committed to improving the customer experience.”

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