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Munich Re & WTW ally with DAS Solar on PV Module Warranty Insurance

6th March 2023 - Author: Kane Wells

Munich Re Green Tech Solutions Team and WTW’s Power and New Energy Team have partnered with DAS Solar on PV (Photovoltaic) Module Warranty Insurance.

DAS Solar states that as a reinsurance market leader, Munich Re’s policy acts as a strong backbone to its PV module and further enhances the credibility of the firm.

Adhering to international PV warranty requirements, Munich Re’s PV Module Warranty Policy offers a 25-year warranty for single-glass modules and a 30-year warranty for dual-glass modules.

The product and performance warranty risks for the whole life cycle will be largely transferred to this insurance policy, says DAS Solar.

Kollsman Chan, Deputy Director of Munich Re, noted that his firm cares deeply about manufacturer quality, avoiding offering policies to manufacturers with poor quality control through risk assessment and factory auditing.

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DAS Solar passed this assessment, which Chan said further demonstrated the company’s dedication to high-quality products and adopting only trust-worthy technology.

Through the collaboration with Munich Re, he anticipates that DAS Solar will achieve commercial success.

Lv Yuxiang, Director of Willis Insurance Brokers, commented, “As one of the earliest insurance brokers to establish a new energy department. Willis mainly serves first-tier PV brands and is Munich Re’s largest partner in China.

“In recent years, with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, DAS Solar has become a new top-tier brand in the photovoltaic industry in four years. I hope we can enhance DAS Solar’s brand influence in the global market through this three-way cooperation.”

Vincent Cao, Senior Vice President of DAS Solar, said, “with Munich Re as a risk transfer partner for this year, DAS Solar can dedicate more resources to improve our products and services.

“Both DAS Solar regional and international clients will gain the insurance benefits brought by Munich Re.”

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