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NEXT Insurance’s new offering enables agents to customize coverage quotes

22nd September 2023 - Author: Jack Willard

NEXT Insurance a leading digital insurtech company has announced a differentiated new offering that will enable agents to fully customize coverage quotes to better meet the needs of their small business clients.

According to the announcement, NEXT’s Coverage Builder represents a major leap in allowing agents to possess the ability to micro-tailor small business quotes for their clients, all while maintaining NEXT’s instant bind capabilities.

NEXT stated that Coverage Builder is fast and easy to use. The company also confirmed that it is tailored exclusively to agents pre-purchase, equipping them with the essential tools they need to select the appropriate limits and fully control the coverage that they are quoting.

A key function of Coverage Builder is that agents can select their base policy limits, as well as add or remove coverage or update limits post-purchase, all while benefiting from the convenience of instant underwriting and price updates.

As a result, this will save agents a considerable amount of time and money, therefore allowing them to make changes automatically.

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In addition, Coverage Builder is also available to all NEXT customers post-purchase, allowing small business owners to tailor their policies with immediate price updates and seamless policy management.

Cody L Slocum Lammers, Commercial Lines Agent & Broker at Affordable Insurance Solutions, commented: “NEXT’s Coverage Builder feature is 100% hassle-free. This new feature sets NEXT Insurance to a new level, above its competitors, as this allows agents the flexibility to customize policies to fit the needs of each individual small business. It’s user-friendly and simple to understand- this is truly a game changer for NEXT Insurance agents!”

Jack Ramsey, Vice President of Agent Business at NEXT Insurance, added: “Agents are the go-to insurance experts and know exactly the unique types of coverage small business owners need – that’s why we’re offering them the opportunity to customize policies for their clients instead of standardized coverage packages.

“Now, with NEXT’s Coverage Builder, we are empowering agents to instantly quote and easily customize and bind policies that will best serve their customers. As a result, small business owners will gain the peace of mind that they’re only paying for the coverage they need to protect their business and livelihood.”

In related news, NEXT recently launched commercial umbrella/excess liability coverage for small business owners across 41 states.

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