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Peak Re selects TigerEye for underwriting optimisation

13th September 2017 - Author: Luke Gallin

Hong Kong domiciled reinsurance company, Peak Re, has chosen Applied Insurance Technologies’ platform, TigerEye to support its underwriting strategy.

Peak Re logoThe selection of TigerEye will support the reinsurer’s management of catastrophe exposures and also support the optimisation of Peak Re’s reinsurance portfolio, says the firm.

“At Peak Re, we pride ourselves on our analytical capabilities in our underwriting decision as well as our ability to deploy our capital efficiently. The adoption of TigerEye allows us to enhance our capabilities to make informed real-time decisions and provide a high level of service for our business partners and clients, as well as delivering long-term values for our shareholders,” said Lawrence Cheng, Head of Underwriting, Peak Re.

TigerEye is described by Peak Re as a “powerful, intuitive, model-agnostic portfolio roll-up and reinsurance structuring tool,” and enables companies to make decisions in real-time. The platform enables reinsurance companies to “roll up” their portfolio and assess individual programs that are fuelling loss exposures.

Iain Reynolds, Head of Analytics at Peak Re, added; “We are impressed with both the efficiency and transparency TigerEye can bring to Peak Re’s catastrophe management processes.  Implementing TigerEye is an important step in achieving Peak Re’s aim of maintaining state-of-the art analytic capabilities.”

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Vladimir Kostadinov, Head of TigerEye Business Development, said; “We are incredibly excited to partner with Peak Re to provide industry leading analytical capabilities to support them in becoming a top-tier reinsurance partner. Our technology will provide Peak Re with the tools needed to strengthen their growing business.”

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