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SCOR to combine P&C and L&H mandates under Ventures 2.5

19th August 2022 - Author: Kane Wells

French reinsurance firm SCOR has announced the next phase of its Venture activities, with ‘Ventures 2.5’.

SCOR logoGoing forward, the P&C Ventures and L&H Ventures mandates will be combined into a single practice.

The unified team will lead investments and partnerships with early-stage companies, working on solving problems across all (re)insurance lines of business, says SCOR.

The integrated practices are set to combine the venture market access, speed of execution, and know-how of P&C Ventures for MGA, carrier, and software investments and partnerships with L&H Ventures’ HealthTech expertise.

Ventures is a global team built on a mix of insurance, operating and investment expertise, with plans of continuous expansion.

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SCOR anticipate that the new approach will allow them to further accelerate and align deals across L&H and P&C.

The next phase of Venture activities includes investment and partnership across three thesis areas.

The company states it will continuously invest and partner in tech-driven underwriting companies and distributors that offer multiple points of digital and business model differentiation.

They will also invest and partner in software solutions that benefit SCOR and/or their clients.

They also plan to continue investing at the intersection of health and technology and will partner with companies that help people live healthier lives, deliver in-force or claims outcome improvements, develop new business or add to the company’s knowledge capabilities, and assist their clients to transform their offerings.

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