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Tremor unveils real-time capacity viewing feature

9th November 2021 - Author: Katie Baker

Reinsurance pricing and placing platform, Tremor Technologies, has released Tremor X-Ray™, a feature which provides insurance companies with real-time views of where capacity is coming from for their reinsurance programs.

Tremor TechnologiesThrough Tremor’s latest feature, insurers can now filter by partner group, A.M. Best rating and more to see how supply flows in the market.

Tremor X-Ray™ allows insurers to group reinsurance markets together in numerous ways, including stacked groups, then see clearly where the most competitive supply subject to their constraints is coming from and react accordingly.

Sean Bourgeois, Tremor Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), commented: “I’m really proud of our high performance product and engineering teams that continue to ship world class features that the market wants and needs that separate Tremor from other reinsurance technology companies as we move the market forward.

“X-Ray™ is yet another powerful feature that Tremor offers that simply cannot be replicated in the traditional marketplace.

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“Insurers trading on Tremor are at the vanguard, continuing to move the market forward as it rapidly modernises. The reinsurance market of a few years will look nothing like it does today.”

It’s been a busy year for Tremor, with the company launching a new major feature in each quarter of 2021.

In February, the firm built on the success of its original programmatic re/insurance risk transfer marketplace with the launch of its next generation trading platform, Panorama™.

This was followed by Panorama Surveyor in August, which allows reinsurance buyers to explore pricing for different structures and perils in advance of making a purchase.

Last month, Tremor Blackboard launched, allowing ceded reinsurance teams to review various price, limit and terms scenarios for teams working down the hall, across town, across cities and around the world.

Tremor X-Ray™ is available at no additional cost as part of the firm’s Marketplace 2.0 platform.

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