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Vesttoo raises $6mn in Hanaco-led Series A funding round

9th August 2021 - Author: Staff Writer

Hanaco Ventures has partnered with Vesttoo via an equity investment of $6 Million, leading Vesttoo’s Series A round aimed at further promoting the company’s multi-billion security-based investment portfolio.

Vesttoo is a leading global alternative reinsurance and investment platform offering a security-based investment portfolio based on non-catastrophe insurance risks.

The funding round is part of Hanaco’s broader investment strategy in Vesttoo, aimed at further developing Vesttoo’s Insurance-Linked Program (ILP) offering, a security-based investment portfolio as well as the world’s first fully digital marketplace for insurance-based alternative risk transfer and investments.

The ILP program offers institutional investors risk remote investments in collateralised reinsurance deals, earning BB spread of AA uncorrelated risk in addition to the yield of their existing, high quality assets.

Vesttoo’s marketplace will allow insurers, reinsurers and pension funds to model, structure, price and place their offering online, while giving institutional investors direct access to the untapped market of alternative reinsurance and return on risk.

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“We are happy to have Hanaco on board. This is an exceptional vote of confidence in Vesttoo’s unique offering,” said Yaniv Bertele, CEO of Vesttoo.

“We have a significant global deal pipeline with insurers from the US, UK and mainland Europe, and are looking forward to further scaling Vesttoo’s ILP and fully digital marketplace with Hanaco’s support.”

§Pasha Romanovski, Co-Founding Partner of Hanaco Ventures, commented, “Vesttoo is disrupting the reinsurance industry.

“The company is building a digital marketplace and has already proven its ability to sign multi-year contracts with leading US and EU insurance and reinsurance providers.

“Hanaco Ventures chose to invest in Vesttoo because of the unique solution and the company’s impressive founding team who will have a big impact in this untapped sector”.

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