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Carrick Capital names Kari Niblack as President of Blackwell Captive Solutions

5th August 2022 - Author: Jack Willard

Carrick Capital Partners has appointed industry veteran, Kari L. Niblack, as the President of Blackwell Captive Solutions, a Carrick-sponsored medical stop-loss group captive management company.

handshake-bwNiblack has been an Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), and employee benefits attorney involved in U.S. healthcare for more than twenty-five years.

She has a very wide range of experience across all stakeholder perspectives in healthcare, from health center administration, risk stratification, and claims administration to physician practice management and revenue cycle models for both insurers and providers.

Most recently, she served as CEO of ACS Benefit Services, LLC, a third-party administrator based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Steve Unterberger, Partner at Carrick Capital Partners, commented: “We are very excited to partner with Kari to grow Blackwell Captive Solutions. We believe that there is a significant need to help self-funded health plans better manage the rising cost of healthcare. By banding together, sharing best practices, and pooling risk, these plans can dramatically reduce the expense of providing quality health care insurance to their employees and members.

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“We’ve been investing in this part of healthcare for many years and believe that with Kari’s leadership and proven industry expertise, we can build a meaningful company that provides tangible impact to clients.”

“I’ve been in the self-funded health benefits world for a long time, and I believe that the market is ready for a new type of stop-loss partner. Blackwell will be grounded in innovation, data, and best practices and dedicated not only to reducing costs but also to supporting health,” said Niblack.

“We know health benefits brokers and the plans they represent are hungry for new ways to reduce costs and promote health. We named the company after Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, who blazed a trail of innovation as the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. We take our inspiration from her unique courage to challenge the status quo.”

Furthermore, Blackwell Captive Solutions has confirmed that it will help ERISA’s plans to reduce their expense for stop-loss insurance by providing a vehicle for those plans to pool their risks and thereby, reduce the cost of insuring any one member’s claim.

Additionally, Blackwell Captive Solutions has confirmed that it will bring together industry best practices and services to help control costs and support the health of the participating health plans.

One of these solutions is Renalogic, a leading cost containment and care management company that focuses on helping self-funded plans control the human and financial cost of chronic kidney disease. Renalogic, a Carrick-sponsored company, saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars for any plan member who requires dialysis.

Blackwell Captive Solutions also added, that it will deploy Renalogic and other similarly impactful solutions to tangibly impact medical costs.

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