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CCR reveals Horizon 2025 strategic plan

17th June 2021 - Author: Staff Writer

French public-sector reinsurer CCR has outlined its Horizon 2025 strategic plan, due to run for the next four years.

ccr-logoThe new plan is described as pursuant to the efforts undertaken since 2015’s plan, overseen by Chief Executive Officer Bertrand Labilloy, and the former Chairman, Pierre Blayau.

The actions of both men are described as crucial to CCR’s ability to consolidate, develop and transform the missions, businesses and structures.

Horizon 2025 is rooted on three targets, the first is deepening CCR’s involvement in natural disasters prevention. It’s hoped this will contribute to a better management of the natural catastrophe reinsurance scheme and maintain its sustainability in the context of climate change.

The second is to carry on with the balanced development and transformation of CCR Re, in order to strengthen its position in the international reinsurance market.

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Thirdly, CCR aims to consolidate its expertise in modelling and managing extreme risks and to advise the state in this field.

“The ambition of this strategic plan is to strengthen the relevance and performance of CCR at the service of the Nation so to meet the challenges raised by natural and technological risks of an extreme nature,” said Le Pape.

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