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CoreLogic launches Discovery Platform

30th June 2022 - Author: Pete Carvill

CoreLogic has launched Discovery Platform, a cloud-based data exchange and property analytics ecosystem.

According to the firm, the new product enables businesses—including property and real estate technology (PropTech/ReTech), mortgage lenders, marketers and insurance firms—to discover, integrate, analyze and model property insights to make critical business decisions faster.

Patrick Dodd, president and CEO of CoreLogic, said: “As the industry is increasingly leveraging data science and analytics to understand, improve and grow their businesses, it has never been more important to get the data strategy right. By combining best-in-class data, enhanced analytics, and cross-functional collaboration capabilities into a unified solution, the CoreLogic Discovery Platform allows enterprise leaders to gain insights and integrate into their business activities faster than ever before.”

The Discovery Platform allows users to easily integrate their own business objectives and data with CoreLogic’s data assets. It also provides organisations with access to a suite of leading analytics and resources such as data modelling and visualization tools, all available within a secure digital workspace that can be used to extract and categorize insights. CoreLogic says that data can be easily exported and integrated into external operational platforms to streamline workflows between data analytics teams and business decision makers to improve efficiencies and drive business outcomes faster.

The company said that business can use its Discovery Platform with:

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  • Lead Prospecting and Qualification: Identify and screen potential customers based on property or loan characteristics, real estate or loan transaction events, estimated equity or CoreLogic propensity models.
  • Market Share and Competitive Analysis: Analyse lending market share by geography or portfolio type and conduct competitive analysis on key competitors.
  • Risk Analysis: Assess risk of properties, including default risk, home price risk, hazard risk (e.g., flood, wildfire) and reconstruction cost risk.
  • Retention Modelling: Use CoreLogic’s propensity models to identity at-risk customers and understand where lost customers went.
  • Customer Profiling & Predictive Analytics: Build customer profiles based on key property-related characteristics. Predict behaviour based on trends and forecasts of the underlying property attributes (e.g., home price appreciation, new construction, etc.).
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