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Cowbell releases Q2 Cyber Round-Up 

23rd June 2022 - Author: Daniel Jackson

Cowbell Cyber has announced the results of its Q2 cyber insurance risk report, the Cowbell Cyber Round-Up. The report offers insight into and rationale behind cyber insurance for SMEs.

Cowbell CyberA recent survey by GlobalData found that many SMEs will leave themselves exposed to cyber risk in 2022 due to high insurance premiums and the cost-of-living crisis.

The Q2 Cyber Round-up report features insights into Cowbell’s closed-loop approach to risk management, continuous underwriting as well as continuous risk assessment and improvement.

It explores cyber risk at the individual level, through Cowbell Factors to any risk portfolio, and also the mechanisms behind Cowbell’s ability to proactively prevent cyber incidents by engaging policyholders throughout the lifecycle of a policy. 

Isabelle Dumont, SVP of marketing and technology partnerships at Cowbell Cyber, said: “Cyber insurance is rapidly evolving; the availability of meaningful risk signal analysis at the individual and portfolio levels is critical to establish confidence with all insurance stakeholders.” 

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“With real-time and advanced insights on how cyber risks are evolving within the U.S. SME population, Cowbell Cyber is building a new generation of cyber insurance offerings that allow policyholders to invest in the security measures that matter the most.” 

Highlighted features and findings in this quarter’s report include: 

  • Cowbell Cyber Heatmap: The report highlights sectors at risk through the new heatmap that enables brokerage firms, carriers and other entities to gain immediate visibility into the health of a group of accounts and help policyholders improve their cyber risk profile. 
  • New Representation of Cowbell Factors: Organizations can now more easily understand where their cyber risk profile stands, whether they are more or less secure than industry peers and how close they might be to the extremes. Red and green colour coding also gives an immediate indication of whether a specific Cowbell Factor is below or above the industry average. 
  • Spotlight: The report indicates specific zero-days that are immediately translated into early warnings for policyholders through Spotlight, an advanced feature available on specific accounts that allows Cowbell to react quickly to the latest vulnerabilities. 
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