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Generali (GC&C) partners with satellite specialist NHAZCA

26th March 2021 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C), a subsidiary of the Italian insurance giant, has entered into a new partnership with NHAZCA,  a spin-off from the Sapienza University in Rome that has expertise in satellite, aerial and terrestrial sensing services.

generaliGenerali GC&C plans to leverage NHAZCA’s expertise in Satellite SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Interferometry to help minimize construction and property risks, particularly those related to nat cat and earthquakes, structural health monitoring and landslides.

The Satellite SAR technology is based on microwaves, which are more suitable than standard optical satellite images, as they allow more detailed detection of the spatial and structural conditions of land portions or large infrastructures.

Moreover, the risk analysis can also recover and analyze the sites’ status and its evolution over time thanks to the historical data recorded by the satellites.

“I think our greatest asset can be seen in the way we partner with our clients,” said Manlio Lostuzzi, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial CEO. “We work every day to speak their language, understand their most troubling concerns and use our global experience, local knowledge and innovation technologies to promote and protect their interests.”

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“This means we are more service-led than process-based, ready and willing to think outside established industry practices and constantly innovating to add value beyond the policy,” Lostuzzi continued.

“Risk Engineering & Loss Prevention, together with Underwriting and Claims, have always been about expert data management and our industry is now on the verge of becoming even more science based. Thanks to the collaboration with NHAZCA, GC&C strengthens its ability to meet the most sophisticated clients’ insurance needs, by further preventing and mitigating their risk exposures and enhancing cost-effectiveness in the insurance coverage”.

NHAZCA CEO Paolo Mazzanti also commented: ” We are very proud of this alliance. It is a pleasure for NHAZCA to collaborate with Generali GC&C, having the opportunity to share our unique expertise in satellite and geohazard risk assessment with such a big player.”

“Our services will certainly benefit from this collaboration and we are confident our solutions can acquire even more value in the market, establishing NHAZCA as a partner to rely on for the most critical and complex risk assessments. We are proud of this achievement, and thankful to Generali GC&C to place trust in our company.”

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