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Generali shareholders approve board additions & dividend

3rd May 2023 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Generali shareholders have voted to approve the company’s 2022 financial statements and distribution of its dividend, as well as to approve the appointment of Stefano Marsaglia as a member of the Board of Directors.

generaliMarsaglia will hold office for the financial years ending on 31 December 2023 and 2024, and will replace the outgoing Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone.

Generali’s Annual General Meeting also saw the Board of Statutory Auditors appointed for the three-year period 2023-2025, with Carlo Schiavone (Chair), Paolo Ratti and Sara Landini named as permanent auditors.

The financial statements for last year approved by shareholders included a net profit of €2,821 million, which enabled the company to set forth the distribution of a dividend of €1.16 per share to shareholders, to be paid as from 24 May 2023.

The Annual General Meeting went on to approve the Group Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) 2023-2025, which provides for the assignment of a maximum 11 million and 300 thousand shares.

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The Annual General Meeting also approved the Share Plan for Generali Group employees with the aim of promoting strategic objectives, and what the insurer terms “a culture of ownership and empowerment.”

Finally, shareholders approved the modification of fees for the statutory audit assignment in favour of the auditing firm KPMG. specifically for the statutory audit of Generali’s accounts for the financial years 2022 through 2029.

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