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A series of interviews with prominent reinsurance industry executives, discussing the state of the global reinsurance market, opportunities for growth in reinsurance, disruptive factors and the influence of technology on risk transfer and reinsurance.

Nat cat is a real growth opportunity for Swiss Re: CUO Thierry Léger

16th September 2022

While many carriers look to lower the volatility of their book by cutting their property catastrophe exposure, reinsurance giant Swiss Re intends to grow further in the natural catastrophe space and sees this as a real growth opportunity, according to Group Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO), Thierry Léger. Reinsurance News spoke with ... Read the full article

There are opportunities in ‘complex’ and uncertain environment: Reardon, Hiscox Re & ILS

14th September 2022

The eyes and brains of the re/insurance industry are assessing the state of the landscape, trying to make sense of not only where the industry is, but in which direction it is heading. To talk about this, Kathleen Reardon, CEO of Hiscox Re & ILS, sat recently with Reinsurance News around ... Read the full article

Rate discussions inevitable amid accelerating loss cost drivers: Thierry Léger, Swiss Re

14th September 2022

As the year turns the corner towards its end, it is time not only to take stock of everything that has happened in 2022, but also of what may - or probably will - come to pass in 2023. Reinsurance News recently took the time to sit with Thierry Léger, CUO ... Read the full article

It’s now “imperative” that re/insurers deploy smart tech: Davies, Xceedance

14th September 2022

Current geopolitical instability, staffing woes, and inflationary pressures are forcing the insurance industry to dramatically improve its operational efficiency through smart technology, says Justin Davies, Head of EMEA at re/insurance service provider, Xceedance. The insurance and reinsurance industries, like other businesses and consumers all over the world, are struggling with a ... Read the full article

Re/insurers need to step up their efforts to narrow protection gap: Peak Re CEO Hahn

14th September 2022

A widening of the protection gap, says Franz Josef Hahn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hong Kong domiciled reinsurer Peak Re, is "perhaps one of the most imminent threats" to the reinsurance business. Speaking to Reinsurance News, Hahn discussed some of the main threats to the reinsurance business, including the impact ... Read the full article

Everest “well-positioned” for growth ahead of highly promising 1/1: Jim Williamson

14th September 2022

Everest Re's Chief Operating Officer and Head of Reinsurance, Jim Williamson, spoke with Reinsurance News to share his thoughts on Everest's major international expansion plans, as well as the Florida property market, and the upcoming renewals. Williamson said: “As a go-to-market for all reinsurance purchases around the world with cedents in ... Read the full article

Specialty opportunities in uncertain times: Vantage Risk’s McKeown

14th September 2022

While the world faces a growing array of macro and geopolitical challenges, the pressures these create can also provide opportunities, while some other chances for growth are being left on the table by incumbents, Chris McKeown of Vantage Risk believes. Chris McKeown, the Chief Executive, Reinsurance, ILS, and Innovation at still ... Read the full article

Everest working hard to seize opportunities in reinsurance: Jim Williamson

13th September 2022

With a risk horizon that is constantly shifting and challenging the industry in advanced ways, Chief Operating Officer and Head of the Reinsurance division at Everest Re, Jim Williamson, discusses the firm's approach to navigating said risks, alongside strategies for maximising growth while reducing volatility. Reinsurance News spoke with Williamson around ... Read the full article

“Laser focus” on building best possible portfolio key for reinsurers: Reardon, Hiscox Re & ILS

13th September 2022

Hiscox Re & ILS Chief Executive Officer, Kathleen Reardon, sat down with Reinsurance News to share her thoughts regarding the importance of diversification for reinsurers, particularly as many look to reduce catastrophe exposures. Reardon said: “Most reinsurers endeavour to deploy a multi-line strategy - for example, at Hiscox Re & ILS, ... Read the full article

Reinsurance market is at an interesting point: Inver Re’s Jonathan Prinn

12th September 2022

With the ongoing war in Ukraine and climate change set to add to inflationary pressure on the economy, at a time when some reinsurers are looking to diversify away from catastrophe business, it’s an interesting time for the marketplace, according to Jonathan Prinn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), London, Inver Re. As ... Read the full article

Tight market to persist amid rise in demand for protection: Peak Re CEO Hahn

12th September 2022

While it remains too early to predict how the January 1st, 2023, reinsurance renewals will develop in Asia, current trends suggest that tight market conditions will persevere as demand for protection rises, according to Franz Josef Hahn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hong Kong domiciled reinsurer, Peak Re. Reinsurance News spoke ... Read the full article

If you are just deploying technology to a broken process, it’s still a broken process: Xceedance

12th September 2022

As carriers and brokers embark on technology transformations, one of the key considerations is to review the existing process, and look at how it can be optimised and how you can apply technology to make that process even better, says Justin Davies, Head of EMEA at re/insurance service provider, Xceedance. Davies ... Read the full article

Re/insurance needs an “iconoclastic moment”, says Vantage’s McKeown

12th September 2022

The global insurance and reinsurance industry needs an “iconoclastic moment” on a similar scale to the introduction of catastrophe risk models in the 1990’s, if it is to ensure its long-term sustainability, Chris McKeown of re/insurer Vantage Risk has said. Speaking with Reinsurance News around the Monte Carlo Rendez-vous event in ... Read the full article

Hiscox sees opportunities at hard 1/1: Kathleen Reardon

11th September 2022

Kathleen Reardon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Hiscox Re & ILS, has said that she sees “interesting opportunities” for her company at the upcoming January 1st renewals, as signs point to continued reinsurance price increases. Speaking in a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Reardon explained that “the direction of travel currently ... Read the full article

Industry has proven its role as shock-absorber: Swiss Re’s Thierry Léger

11th September 2022

Reflecting on several years of large global catastrophe losses and unprecedented systemic shocks, Swiss Re Group Chief Underwriter (CUO) Thierry Léger says that the reinsurance industry has “proven its role as shock-absorber.” Speaking to Reinsurance News ahead of the 2022 Monte Carlo RVS event, Léger addressed the difficult conditions that reinsurers ... Read the full article