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New insurer Astaara targets cyber threats in maritime industry

11th June 2020 - Author: Staff Writer

Astaara, a new insurance services business, has been launched to protect maritime companies from cyber threats.

The new company will offer risk management, underwriting and analytics, and aims to modernise this area of the insurance industry.

The business is made up of three elements – Astaara Risk Management, Astaara Underwriting and Astaara Analytics.

The latter will support its risk management and underwriting activities – all on one balance sheet – to deliver best in class customer service and profitable performance.

“The insurance business is behind the times when it comes to cyber threats to maritime companies. It is only by listening to and responding to what the maritime community needs that you can create a solution that is relevant and necessary,” said Astaara’s group chief executive Robert Dorey.

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“Astaara’s multidiscipline offering is the response to an entrenched and siloed market and
AstaaraCyber is the product that maritime companies want.”

At the heart of ACL is AstaaraCyber. The company will work with shipowners / offshore and ports operators to navigate their route through the cyber world, making them a harder target to hit and more effective in minimising the cost and disruption following a cyber event.

Chief cyber officer William Egerton said, “We look forward to supporting our clients positively throughout the cyber security lifecycle, helping them manage their risks, protecting their business and ultimately taking some of their risk.

“We can do this because we are confident that we collectively understand their enterprise leadership and posture regarding cyber security risk. Using our tools and techniques we will be able to help them recover quickly when the need arises.”

Astaara says it will constantly be challenging the model, responding to the ever-changing cyber threat, which managing director James Cooper said was key to remaining an indispensable business partner.

“We are recruiting leaders in their field to provide real value-add advice and direction to our clients so they can improve their cyber security posture. We will be providing best in class service to clients when they need it most,” Cooper said.

“Cyber incidents impact all parts of a business and AstaaraCyber will make our clients more resilient and improve their recovery.”

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