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Ping An image-reading system to help diagnose coronavirus

28th February 2020 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. has launched a smart image-reading system to help doctors more efficiently and accurately diagnose cases of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Developed by Ping An Smart Healthcare, part of subsidiary Ping An Smart City, the system aims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help control the epidemic through earlier diagnoses and treatments.

As COVID-19 is a new disease, medical institutions, especially at the primary level in China, lack diagnosis experience, and largely rely on methods that long detection times and a high proportion of false negative cases.

Ping An noted that Computed Tomography (CT) images have been used by many doctors for diagnosis, but said this approach has been limited by a lack of radiologists review the volume of CT imaging.

The COVID-19 smart image-reading system aims to help close this cap by conducting comparative analyses of multiple CT scan images of the same patient and measuring the changes in lesions

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“Since its launch, the smart image-reading system has provided services to more than 1,500 medical institutions,” said Geoff Kau, Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer of Ping An Smart City.

“More than 5,000 patients have received smart image-reading services for free. The system can generate smart analysis results in around 15 seconds, with an accuracy rate above 90%”, he explained.

Xiao Jing, Chief Scientist of Ping An, also commented: “Patients with COVID-19 need multiple CT scans during the treatment. Comparing multiple images is a time-consuming task and it cannot be accurately completed manually.”

“Utilizing Ping An Smart Healthcare’s COVID-19 smart image-reading system, it can effectively improve the diagnostic accuracy and the doctor’s image-reading efficiency.”

Since being identified by the WHO in late December, there have been almost 84,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 2,869 people are believed to have died from the outbreak.

The vast majority of cases and deaths have been in China and in particular centred around the city of Wuhan, where the virus is thought to have originated.

But infections have increasingly been recorded in other countries, sparking fears of a global pandemic.

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