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Sepio Systems partners with Munich Re on hardware mitigation solution

19th July 2021 - Author: Matt Sheehan

Security and safety services firm Sepio Systems has partnered with reinsurer Munich Re as part of the launch of its Hardware Access Control Index (HACx), which aims to help organizations improve hardware security.

Munich ReThe company offers a rogue hardware mitigation guarantee as part of its HAC-1 solution, whereby Munich Re insures Sepio’s liabilities under the guarantee.

It’s thought that roughly 63% of companies were potentially compromised last year due to a hardware security breach, which often go unseen and are left out of cybersecurity mitigation measures, Sepio Systems notes.

HACx is designed to fill this information void by equipping CISOs with intelligence that provides targeted risk awareness.

“The HAC-1 solution fills an important gap in hardware security, like rogue device mitigation originating from internal abusers and supply chain attacks,” said Michael Berger, Head of AI Insurance at Munich Re. “By insuring Sepio’s guarantee for its rogue device mitigation service with our unique solution aiSure, we support a truly innovative company that is a pioneer in its field.”

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“Cybersecurity is not about achieving an absolute level of security – there is no 100% security level,” added Bentsi Ben-atar, CMO and Co-founder, Sepio Systems. “It is about how your organization measures against other potential targets that cybercriminals are evaluating.”

“CISOs need to verify that they are leading the pack and not following it, and to do that, they need to know how they measure up,” Ben-atar continued. “As hardware-based attack campaigns are gaining more in popularity, HACx provides the required data for cross industry and cross vertical comparison.”

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