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News related to flood insurance and reinsurance, including: new products and market innovation; flood insurance market loss events; companies underwriting flood insurance or reinsurance; public flood insurance through the NFIP; and the expanding availability of private market flood coverage.

FEMA increases NFIP cat bond reinsurance value to $500mn

26th July 2018

The U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has significantly increased the scope of the capital markets reinsurance that it has secured for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) via the issuance of its first catastrophe bond to $500 million. Issued via FloodSmart Re, a Bermuda domiciled special purpose insurance vehicle, Read the full article

FEMA urges at-risk Floridians to secure & maintain flood insurance

25th July 2018

As the hurricane season reaches its midway-point, the U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has called on Floridians to secure and maintain flood insurance. FEMA states that only half of Florida homeowners in high-risk areas had insurance against flooding before hurricane Irma made landfall late last year. Concurrently, however, the National Flood ... Read the full article

Munich Re launches new commercial U.S inland flood solution

24th July 2018

Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., a subsidiary of reinsurance giant Munich Re, has launched a new U.S commercial inland flood product aimed at small businesses and habitational properties located in low-to-moderate flood zones. The endorsement offers insurance protection for the building, contents (including business property in a basement), business interruption/extra expense, the ... Read the full article

FEMA launches first NFIP cat bond via FloodSmart Re

19th July 2018

The U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has launched its first catastrophe bond to transfer risk from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to the capital markets. Issued via FloodSmart Re, a Bermuda domiciled special purpose insurance vehicle, the catastrophe bond will attempt to secure $275 million of reinsurance protection for ... Read the full article

Cattolica in national nat cat scheme for religious buildings in Italy

18th July 2018

Cattolica Assicurazioni, Italy’s sixth largest insurer, has finalised an agreement with the Episcopal Conference of Italy (CEI) to provide a re/insurance policy that will protect religious buildings from natural catastrophe risks in all 25,796 parishes of the 225 Italian dioceses. The policy is believed to be the first national scheme of ... Read the full article

JBA launches first UK climate change flood risk model

16th July 2018

JBA Risk Management, the global flood risk modeller, has developed the first probabilistic catastrophe model to factor in the effects of climate change on flood risk for insurers and reinsurers in the UK. The launch of the UK Climate Change Flood Model is accompanied by the projection that annual average losses ... Read the full article

Flood Re sets 2039 goal for affordable risk-reflective pricing

11th July 2018

Flood Re, the UK's flood reinsurance facility, has outlined the changes it believes are necessary to achieve affordable risk-reflective pricing by 2039. The second transition plan, titled ‘Flood Re, Our Vision: Preparing for a future of affordable flood insurance’, covers 12 areas and includes limiting the risks of flooding, reducing the ... Read the full article

Widespread destruction following historic Japan floods

9th July 2018

Japan has suffered some of the worst flooding in its history over the weekend, with more than 100 people confirmed dead and widespread damage to homes and businesses reported. "The record rainfalls in various parts of the country have caused rivers to burst their banks, and triggered large scale floods and ... Read the full article

Simplitium expands ModEx platform with addition of FloodCat model

5th July 2018

Simplitium, a provider of risk analysis services, is to expand its catastrophe risk modelling platform ModEx to include the Australia flood model, FloodCat. The deal struck with modelling specialist Ambiental Risk Analytics means that the ModEx platform will integrate the most detailed building level flood model produced for Australia, providing re/insurers ... Read the full article

Zurich’s flood resilience alliance extended to 2023 with new $1bn funding goal

4th July 2018

The flood resilience alliance led by Zurich Insurance Group has been extended until 2023, with new five-year objectives including the generation of US $1 billion in additional funding for flood resilience programmes. The multi-sector alliance of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academia, and risk management experts has already provided post-event recovery support to 110 ... Read the full article

Flood damages could double if coral reef destruction continues

28th June 2018

Annual expected damages from floods could double without the coastal protection benefits afforded by coral reefs, while annual storm damages could triple, according to a new study by Nature Communications. The study identified coral reefs as a vital component of coastal protection for both people and property, and calculated that, for ... Read the full article

JBA updates UK Flood Model for nationwide analysis at building level

25th June 2018

Insurers are now able to analyse floods at individual property level across the whole of the United Kingdom (UK) thanks to JBA Risk Management’s newly updated Flood Model. The model is underpinned by JBA’s widely-used 5m UK Flood Map and enables the re/insurance industry to more effectively manage flood risk by ... Read the full article

Aon launches significantly updated Thai flood modeling system

20th June 2018

Aon has announced significant updates and readjustments to its Thailand flood catastrophe model in an attempt to improve understanding of the peril and help "insurers increase resilience for businesses and communities." Aon highlights Thailand’s increasing exposure to frequent floods as a result of its growing population and economy. The region was ... Read the full article

Germany’s floods a ‘foretaste’ of future climate losses: Munich Re’s Faust

15th June 2018

The severe flooding that has affected western and southern Germany since mid-May 2018 is a ‘small foretaste’ of the effects of climate change on future weather-related disasters, according to Eberhard Faust, Munich Re’s Head of Research for climate risks and natural hazards. Many regions of the country have endured non-stop thunder, ... Read the full article

Information and education critical to tackling U.S flood risk, says Swiss Re’s Junge

6th June 2018

Tackling the challenge of U.S flood risk will require re/insurers to focus on educating property owners while at the same time developing more detailed resources, such as flood maps and risk models, according to Swiss Re Senior Treaty Underwriter Matt Junge. Although floods cause around $15 billion of economic damage every ... Read the full article