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WTW partnership targets societal resilience against emerging forms of warfare

17th April 2019 - Author: Charlie Wood

Global insurance and reinsurance broker Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has partnered with British defence and security think tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on a four year-long program designed to strengthen societal resilience to emerging forms of warfare.

Willis Towers WatsonAt its core, the Modern Deterrence Programme is based upon the concept that a society resilient to complex forms of aggression can, alongside the more traditional capabilities of the armed forces, function as a potent deterrent.

The program, which aims to create a platform and research hub for governments, the private sector and civic organisations, will also serve as a centre of excellence where participants can not only benefit from research findings but share best practice.

“Our clients increasingly see geopolitical instability as a key risk driver for business. There are immediate synergies between the two organisations, particularly on the need to better understand geopolitical drivers of risk, and the focus on actionable recommendations to increase resilience,” said Alastair Swift, Head of Corporate Risk & Broking GB, WTW.

“By engaging with RUSI to understand global volatility, leveraging the rest of our Willis Research Network’s top class data and analytics, and combining this with our internal expertise, we are able to provide bespoke geopolitical risk mitigation strategies for our clients.”

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It’s hoped that RUSI’s access to policy-makers and senior personnel across Europe will lead to a robust, evidence-based set of conclusions and recommendations that will be relevant to policy makers and corporations, and will enhance WTW’s advisory services.

Elisabeth Braw, Associate Fellow, Modern Deterrence Military Sciences, added, “We are very pleased that Willis Towers Watson is becoming involved with RUSI’s Modern Deterrence project as an early supporter.”

“Their engagement is an exemplary illustration of the fact that today national security involves not just armed forces and governments but the private sector as well.”

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