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Xceedance partners with cloud-based insurance platform Novidea

6th February 2020 - Author: Staff Writer

Re/insurance service provider Xceedance has partnered with data-driven insurance distribution platform Novidea to help its broker management platform meet growing market demand.

Novidea provides a core cloud-based platform designed to connect insurance distributors to a modern insurance ecosystem which leverages the Salesforce Cloud and artificial intelligence.

By partnering with Xceedance for assistance with platform deployments, Novidea hopes to scale up its operations to meet the growing interest for its products and services.

Additionally, Novidea says the deep and broad expertise of Xceedance will bring great benefits to insurance organisations across the globe.

Jointly, Xceedance and Novidea will focus on enhancing the Broker Management Platform and provide superior customer service.

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“Our growth vision and approach put strong emphasis on collaboration with leading industry experts to make the onboarding of new customers to the platform as seamless as possible,” said Alex Zukerman, Chief Revenue Officer of Novidea.

“Xceedance is a leading global player with proven delivery and consulting expertise, and shares many of the same values as Novidea. We’re excited to collaborate with Xceedance to increase our global reach in 2020 and work towards our shared goal of changing the insurance distribution process.”

Justin Davies, Senior Vice President and EMEA Region Head at Xceedance, added, “The Novidea solution is an excellent insurance platform that helps manage complex scenarios within distribution; the product is differentiating, well-designed and builds skillfully on the power of the Salesforce platform. At Xceedance, we have deep experience using and configuring Salesforce and will leverage those skills in working with Novidea.

“The in-house Salesforce skills of Xceedance can help with configuration of Novidea’s solution, and our knowledge of such platforms can ease a range of challenges, such as data migration and integration. Together, we can continue to expand and evolve the insurance ecosystem.”

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