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Acquinex partners with mea to “revolutionise” submissions intake process

19th October 2023 - Author: Kane Wells

Acquinex has announced it has deployed mea ingestion, a platform which supports automated submissions intake and review against policies.

According to Acquinex, the collaboration is set to “propel the company into a new era of operational excellence.”

The firm continued, “By integrating mea’s platform to automate submissions intake, Acquinex is poised to revolutionise its operations, setting a new standard for efficiency in the global MGA market.

“The implementation of mea platform will further solidify Acquinex’s position by driving efficiencies and accelerating business growth through streamlined submissions processing.”

Chris Jackson, Managing Director of Acquinex, commented on the partnership, “This collaboration with mea is a game-changer for Acquinex.

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“By integrating mea’s platform, we are not only enhancing our operational efficiency, but also positioning ourselves as pioneers in the digital MGA space.”

Martin Henley, CEO of mea, said, “The synergy between Acquinex and mea is a testament to our shared commitment to revolutionising the insurance industry. Together, we are ready to drive innovation and deliver unprecedented value to our clients.”

Joti Harper, COO, Acquinex, added, “The speed and ease with which mea’s platform integrated into our workflow is a testament to its robustness and the expertise of the mea team. This partnership has undoubtedly exceeded our expectations.”

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