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Cover Whale names Darien Acosta as Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

8th June 2023 - Author: Jack Willard

Cover Whale, a leading commercial trucking insurance provider and insurtech has appointed Darien Acosta as its Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO).

In the role, Acosta will lead a new AI Transformation organisation within Cover Whale.

The new position is also designed to spearhead Cover Whale’s adoption of AI.

Having previously served as Cover Whale’s Head of Data Analytics, Acosta joins the firm’s executive team with the purpose of rapidly generating adoption of AI and machine learning functions across Cover Whale, in order to generate customized solutions for the company’s partner insurance agents and policyholders.

Acosta, who joined Cover Whale in October 2022, previously served as Vice President of Analytics at REEF Technology, a SoftBank funded logistics start-up.

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As a seasoned executive with nearly 20 years of leadership experience within data science and analytics, Acosta’s extensive experience positions him firmly to lead Cover Whale’s AI journey and further drive growth within the business.

Addressing his appointment, Acosta said: “I’m proud to take on this role and drive Cover Whale’s AI-first mission forward by investing in AI technology and staying ahead of the curve in the insurtech industry.

“As AI technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, this is a prime time to leverage its potential to increase Cover Whale’s reach and presence, as well as provide our agents and policyholders with both cost and time-efficient services to keep them moving. I look forward to what’s in store both for us and the industry.”

Since it was established, Cover Whale has continually used AI and machine learning technology within its business. The company also leverages AI & machine learning to power its industry-leading Driver Safety Program, including consuming dash cam telematics and providing real-time driver coaching.

“AI and ML have allowed us to experience over 300 percent annual growth, which means we need to scale and enhance everything we do, now faster than ever before. We are doubling down on our existing AI efforts, and building an AI-first company,” said Dan Abrahamsen, CEO of Cover Whale.

“To be successful we’re fundamentally changing how we’ve considered AI, turning it from an incremental addition to existing tech infrastructure — the common practice in our industry — into a larger investment in core business transformation that will facilitate growth and scale. Darien has been an integral part of our analytics team and is a force to be reckoned with. He and his team will have authority to set AI priorities, make decisions and create new AI-driven processes, all while building the AI culture that’s critical to achieving scale in all aspects of our business.”

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