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A series of interviews with prominent reinsurance industry executives, discussing the state of the global reinsurance market, opportunities for growth in reinsurance, disruptive factors and the influence of technology on risk transfer and reinsurance.

Amid COVID-19, the opportunities & possibilities are substantial for reinsurers: Pyrrhic Re CEO

12th June 2020

Although likely to be more challenging for the reinsurance sector than any other market event since 1986, the COVID-19 pandemic represents enormous opportunities and possibilities for the industry, according to Peter Mills, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Pyrrhic Re. A pure-reinsurance Managing General Agency (MGA) writing a diverse book ... Read the full article

The real story of US flood is the lack of insurance take-up: Clark, Guy Carpenter

4th June 2020

Too often, the story around U.S. flood risk focuses on FEMA and what the entity either isn’t doing right or could be doing better, when the real story is the dangerously low levels of flood insurance penetration, according to Jonathan Clark of Guy Carpenter. Clark, who leads the Public Sector division ... Read the full article

Reinsurance is again “performing quite well”, says Paul Schultz, Aon Securities

2nd June 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges, the reinsurance industry is once again performing well during a time of major financial market disruption, according to Paul Schultz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aon Securities. As part of our sister publication Artemis' series of video interviews with experts and leaders from ... Read the full article

Pandemic an opportunity for reinsurance growth in India: Rohit Boda

26th May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic presents many opportunities for the growth of reinsurance business in India, according to Rohit Boda, Managing Director of J.B. Boda Group, an insurance and reinsurance broker based in the country. Speaking in an interview with Reinsurance News, Boda noted that the contention around business interruption claims linked to ... Read the full article

Innovative tech & new markets suggest continued growth for L&G Re: CEO, Olunloyo

21st May 2020

L&G Re, the global reinsurance arm of L&G, has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and the life reinsurer’s increased focus on advanced technology points to continued expansion for the company and the wider pension risk transfer (PRT) market, according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thomas Olunloyo. In an interview with ... Read the full article

Pre-COVID-19 structural factors to influence reinsurance renewals: Flandro, Hyperion X

19th May 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have an influence on upcoming renewals for insurers and reinsurers, for the latter, the broad structural factors that have been in place prior to the outbreak cannot be ignored, according to David Flandro, Managing Director at Hyperion X. In a recent video interview with our ... Read the full article

Demand for pandemic cover rising, but capacity limited: Third Point Re CEO

19th May 2020

There’s been a notable rise in demand for pandemic re/insurance and a subsequent hike in rates, however, there’s currently limited capacity in the marketplace for pandemic cover, according to Dan Malloy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Third Point Re. These are unprecedented times for the industry, and it will undoubtedly be ... Read the full article

COVID-19 likely to worsen pre-existing capacity hardening: Steve Hearn

14th May 2020

Although too early to accurately predict coronavirus’ full impact on the re/insurance space, BGCI Chief Executive Officer Steve Hearn can see the pandemic exacerbating the industry's pre-existing environment of capacity hardening. Speaking recently to Reinsurance News, Hearn noted how the pandemic will likely cause customers to look very closely at their ... Read the full article

Amid COVID-19, there’s an opportunity to offer “necessary” protection: L&G Re CEO, Olunloyo

7th May 2020

While it’s impossible to predict the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pension risk transfer (PRT) space, for expanding life re/insurer L&G, there’s an opportunity to offer necessary life-time protection during these unprecedented times. This is according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm’s reinsurance hub L&G ... Read the full article

Public-private partnerships the only viable option we have to tackle pandemics: Scotti, Swiss Re

4th May 2020

As COVID-19 continues to drive widespread uncertainty and extremely challenging societal and economic conditions, the only viable way to effectively address the crisis is through public-private sector collaboration, according to Veronica Scotti, Chairperson Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re. While varying degrees of lockdowns and social distancing measures remain in place across ... Read the full article

Positive timing of Tiberius deal supports IGI’s growth ambitions: IGI’s Jabsheh

30th April 2020

The timing of the transaction with Tiberius was both positive and opportune for IGI, while the simplified access to capital enables the insurer to grow in the current market, according to the company’s President, Waleed Jabsheh. Following its business combination with Tiberius, former Dubai-registered IGI became a public company ... Read the full article

COVID-19 a catalyst for digital transformation: Getsafe CEO

28th April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic could turn out to be a catalyst for digital transformation in the insurance sector, according to Getsafe CEO and founder Christian Wiens, who sees the crisis as potentially beneficial for insurtech firms. Speaking in an interview with Reinsurance News, Wiens noted that the pandemic has forced many re/insurance ... Read the full article

PartnerRe expects long-term commitment from Covéa, says CEO Clarke

17th April 2020

Emmanuel Clarke, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bermudian reinsurer PartnerRe, has said that the recently announced acquisition by Covéa is “a very good strategic fit” for the company. Speaking in an interview with Reinsurance News, Clarke explained that PartnerRe views Covéa as “a long-term committed owner” with a long-term strategic interest ... Read the full article

Erosion of insurance contract rights bad for the economy: Priebe, Guy Carpenter

16th April 2020

Any erosion of insurance contract rights, through the honouring of claims where coverage was never intended, or refusal of claims that should have been covered, would be bad for the economy as a whole, Guy Carpenter's Chairman David Priebe explained to us. In a wide-ranging interview, Priebe said that it remains ... Read the full article

Mid-year renewals expected to be on-time: Priebe, Guy Carpenter

14th April 2020

The mid-year reinsurance renewals at June and July 1st 2020 are expected to proceed without any major issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the industry prepares to negotiate via video conference, David Priebe, Chairman of Guy Carpenter told us. Speaking with Reinsurance News, the Chairman of reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter ... Read the full article