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Swiss Re employees advised to work from home

12th March 2020 - Author: Staff Writer

Global reinsurer Swiss Re has confirmed a series of measures designed to counter the spread of Coronavirus between its employees.

Swiss ReStaff in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul have been advised to work from home.

Employees in the UK are also strongly advised to work from home.

Additionally, In line with local government restrictions, employees in Milan, Genova and Rome are requested to work from home.

Following recommendations by health authorities in regard to social distancing, employees in Switzerland are strongly advised to split teams so that at least 50% of people work from home.

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Swiss Re also states that if an employee or member of the same household travels back from certain areas, employees are required to work from home for 14 days upon their return.

“Closely monitors the development of the new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) first detected in Wuhan, China,” explained a Swiss Re spokesperson. “The situation is changing and we have actions in place to keep abreast of developments.

“We take the necessary sensible measures to protect our employees and support the efforts of authorities to contain the spread of the virus.”

While employees are asked to consider shifting meeting arrangements to Skype calls or video or postpone such meetings, offices will remain open.

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