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Verisk’s Actineo announces Verena Klumb as its new leader

20th April 2023 - Author: Saumya Jain

Verena Klumb has been announced as the new leader of Actineo, a Verisk business, as of April 01, 2023.

veriskKlumb is a banker and marketing and communications economist, who has been leading operations and administration as part of the executive management team since 2015. 

Actineo is an InsurTech and market company specialising in the digitalisation and medical assessment of bodily injury claims.

Klumb on her new position commented, “We have been heading towards a new future since the end of 2021 with Verisk, a leading global data analytics and technology provider for the insurance industry. At the same time, we have successfully positioned ourselves as an innovative service provider that actively supports insurance customers in the claims settlement process. With our medical and non-medical products and services for claims management, we will continue to offer our insurance customers the best of both worlds-technology and data as well as the expertise of Actineo’s claims professionals.”

Olav Skowronnek, the founder and Managing Director of Actineo will remain responsible for the further development of Verisk’s claims business in continental Europe, which is a part of his role as managing director of claims solutions.

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Since 2013, Klumb has helped lead business development at ACTINEO GmbH-first as operations manager and authorized signatory, and since 2015, as managing director. 

Klumb is a market veteran with leadership experience at, among others, the health service provider Thieme TeleCare (formerly AnyCare), Sanvartis (formerly GesundheitScout24) and Deutsche Bank 24.

Since 2020, she has also been part of the management team of Actineo subsidiary LUPENWERT GmbH.

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