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CFC expands into North America and Australia

27th July 2022 - Author: Daniel Jackson

CFC, the specialist insurance provider, has expanded its cyber threat analysis capability into North America and Australia.

CFCThe company’s cyber threat analysis focuses solely on identifying new cyber threats and working with cyber customers to prevent attacks before they happen.

Roger Francis, Managing Director of CFC Response, said: “Brokers and customers must expect more from their cyber insurance providers. It’s not just about policy coverage, but rather a comprehensive service that works to protect you against cyber-attack from the moment you become a customer, as well as minimize the impact should an incident occur.”

“The expansion of our cyber threat analysis capability into the US and Australia ensures we have follow-the-sun surveillance and support for our customers around the world.”

Made up of cyber security veterans from organisations including the police, military, defence contractors and various other public and private cyber security organisations, the CFC Response team is made up of over 100 global incident responders, cybersecurity specialists and cyber threat analysts operating out of London, Austin and Brisbane.

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Francis said: “CFC has led the way when it comes to building and developing technical cyber security resources in-house to protect and support our customers. Combined with over twenty years of cyber insurance – and cyber claims – experience, our value proposition is unmatched.”

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